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4-KOMA COMIC ZINE~ ۫( ˶´ ▿۟ `˵˴ )۫

March 18, 2016, by , posted in Events

Hey guys :) we’ll be producing a 4-koma/yonkoma/4コマ漫画 zine in the coming semester and we’re looking for ALL MEMBERS, artistic or not, to contribute!

For the longest time, our mascots Miki and Panda-san have been nameless and mysterious :( but that’ll all change with your help! You can submit 4-komas for our club zine by contributing either to the backstory of Panda-san and Miki, which you can check out underneath, or you can create a gag using our generic (but equally important) panda mascots! We’ve provided a 4 panel template, so make sure not to go over or under the limit – that’s part of the challenge :P

For those who don’t know what a zine is, click here :) And for those who don’t know what a 4-koma or 4 panel comic is, click here (think The Peanuts, Lucky Star, or Gekkan Shoujo).


  1. Keep it PG-13
  2. Be sensible with copyright :)
  3. You can contribute to the story of the Panda-san and Miki, or you can draw a skit that includes the anime@UTS panda ۫( ˶´ ▿۟ `˵˴ )۫
  4. Use the 4 panel template provided, either digitally or printed out – or you can wait til our Wednesday art event and draw on our provided templates
  5. Don’t go under or over 4 panels
  6. Give it a go – if you really REALLY aren’t comfortable with drawing out your great idea, contact us and we can draw your idea for you.
  7. Use the character references if possible but it is fanart, so as long as it’s recognizable it’ll fine :D
  8. Colour is allowed, but we will be printing our zine in black and white so keep that in mind
  9. You can submit a max of 4 comics. Message us if you have too many awesome ideas and want to get them all out though :3
  10. We will be selling and distributing these in print and online, so be sure you’re fine with us using your work before submitting
  11. References to anime, manga or pop culture in general is fine, but not too many in-jokes please


  1. If submitting digitally, please keep the template the same size, and submit different strips as individual pdfs (NAME_animezine.pdf)
  2. If submitting on paper, scan it at 300dpi minimum or give it to an exec at an event
  3. Self promotion is totally encouraged, so email us with the filled in file, your name, the name of the strip and website links (if any)

All members who contribute will get a free copy of our completed zine :) submit your zine to or email us/message an exec for more details :)

Check out the FB event too ;)


Anime Welcome Picnic 2016

March 9, 2016, by , posted in Events

Hey everyone!!
Thanks for joining us for another year of crazy fun. To start off, we should get to know each other, and what better way than a BBQ at Central Park?

The event will start at 11 at Central Park. We have heaps of games to strengthen the bonds of friendship so, be prepared. For lunch we will supply you with a delicious BBQ that is FREE! for members \(♡-♡)/

If you didn’t have a chance to join the club on O’Day, you can sign up at this event for only $10 for the year :D

After we’ve had our fun we will head indoors to the Central Park building for dinner :D

When: 19th March
Where: Central Park
Time: 11am
Cost: FREEEE (for members – we can sign you up on the day)

FB: Link

Emergency Contact [text only please]
Lester (0420579399)
Ben (0452411156)


O’Day 2016

March 6, 2016, by , posted in Events

The 16th of March is UTS O’Day so if you want One Piece ;) of the action, come and visit UTS tower and sign-up to anime@UTS for a Berserk ;) year!

anime@UTS is for everyone to share their love of anime, whether you’ve seen 1 anime or over 9000! ;)

Signing up gives you discounts to our sponsors that you’d only find in a Fairy Tail ;)

So if you want to be Spirited Away ;) to meet new friends, watch anime and enjoy your time at university, come Dance With Devils ;) at anime@UTS.

Membership cost: $10 for the year
When: 16th March
Where: UTS Building 1 (tower)
Time: 9am-4pm
FB: Link

;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)


February 11, 2016, by , posted in Events


It’s time again for another chill out day! Where better to go to chill out than an ice rink (hehe)

We’ll be meeting outside the ice rink at 12.30pm, and after the session is done we will grab some food together. The cost is $23 for a student or $24 for an adult.

Please don’t forget to bring cash on the day!

Where: Macquarie Ice Rink
When: 13th Feb
Time: 12.30pm
Cost: $23
FB: Link
Hope to see you there! \(*_*)/

Ghibli Movie Day!!

January 14, 2016, by , posted in Events


Holidays are long and i’m sure alot of us just sit at home watching anime all day, so why don’t we have fun and watch anime together?!

We will be setting up a double movie screening in the UTS concourse *place subject to change*. The first movie will be Kiki’s Delivery Service followed by Princess Mononoke. We all like to be comfortable so bring your pillows to sit on (and your dakimakura if you wish), wear comfy clothes, bring snacks to share and prepare to relax. *Daiso has cheap pillows if you need* We will also have space for people to play boardgames, puzzles etc. when waiting for the movies to begin.

We look forward to seeing you there!

When: 11am-5pm, Sunday 24th Jan
Where: UTS Concourse
Why: Because holidays are boring and Ghibli is awesome
Bring: snacks, pillows, games
Contact: 0413502454 (Madeline)
Facebook: Link