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Monthly Newsletter – February 2017 Edition

February 18, 2017, by , posted in Blog

Well, here we are. Uni is about to go back and we’re all still used to bingeing until 3am and sleeping till noon. Are we screwed? Definitely! But here’s your monthly dose of weeb news to try and ease the transition a little bit.

First of all, an exciting bit of sponsor news! Many of you would know that Madman has been a wonderful sponsor to us for the past 5 years – giving us free tickets to movies and other cool things, like a 15% discount on monthly orders made through AnimeSydney. The only issue has been that, in that 5 years, we have never once placed a monthly order through AnimeSydney. But that’s about to change! We have an order system for you guys ready to roll out soon – give us a week or two to iron out the last kinks and you can be getting discount anime and manga by the end of March. Details are coming soon~

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There have been a lot of interesting interviews going about on Twitter recently – mostly about some Gainax high-ups and conversations that have been had involving renewing some popular anime. Long story short, there’s a lot of projects in the works and there’s a bit of red tape in regards to rights and ownership (not that anyone cares) but it seems like, in addition to FLCL seasons 2 and 3, we might be seeing more of Panty and Stocking down the line, which is something I find exciting. Does this sound as good to everyone else?

Speaking of Panty and Stocking, which received considerable critical acclaim for its dub, another big comedy has gotten dubbed recently: Gintama. Of course, this brought forth fan backlash about how it’s “too Japanese to translate” – the question then of course being, how did the subs do it? This report takes an interesting angle at many of the complaints levelled against dubs. Realistically, a lot of us are just scarred by 4Kids, so we’re reluctant to trust a dub again – but the biggest thing for me is that the dub voice actors are just so vastly inferior to the Japanese ones on average it’s not worth chancing it. But then, of course, we do have our famous “jelly donuts” and more subtle things like the Gamergate reference in the Prison School dub, so I guess it just becomes a question of how much work the dubbers are willing to put into the script. Does anyone else have impassioned opinions on this?

Madman will debuting the new Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale movie at MadFest Perth next weekend, ahead of a cinematic release on the 9th of March. So far, the fan response from the US seems to be going pretty well, with an 8.6 average rating on MAL. This brings it about equal to series like Natsume Yuujinchou, Madoka and AnoHana, as well as equal to some of the Gintama movies and Ghost in the Shell. Will it live up to this rating? That remains to be seen, but frankly, given my opinion of SAO in the past, I can’t imagine that anything to come out this will be better than the opening theme: Catch the Moment by LiSA.

A bigger question in my mind is another recently announced anime movie release. For some reason, it’s Bungou Stray Dogs. Now don’t get me wrong, I actually quite like the series. I think the concept is pretty fresh and the atmosphere is really interesting but just… a movie? Why? It’ll either be too short or too long and the focus will be all over the shop. When there are other series that Bones could have chosen, like Boku no Hero Academia, Noragami or even an older property like Scrapped Princess that would benefit so much more from movies than Bungou will I just find myself scratching my head. That said, I’m still gonna be watching it so maybe I’m the fool here. Has anyone else here had an experience like this? Please tell me I’m not alone.

More importantly, here’s our orientation event calendar so far:

PV: O’DAY 2017

WHEN: Thusday 2nd March, 9am-4pm
WHAT: In order to have access to our events for this year, as well as all our amazing sponsor offers, you’ll have to sign up for membership – and there’s no better time than O’Day! Come and sign up and you’ll even receive a free goody bag* complete with sponsor materials. And, just quietly, there may be a few extra special prizes hiding in there for some lucky people… I guess you’ll just have to come sign up to find out! We’ll also have free food and board games running in a separate room so you can relax rather than keep fighting the crowds.

(*while stocks last. Sorry.)

Check out the FB EVENT!

Episode 1: Orientation Barbeque!

WHEN: Saturday 4th March, 12pm-6pm
WHERE: UTS Concourse
WHAT: What better opportunity to meet all the other new members than the weekend right after O’Day! Make some good friends before uni starts for real at our Orientation Barbeque! There will be a barbeque, obviously, as well as tabletop games and puzzles and some team-building events (which may or may not have prizes attached for the most successful teams~)

Check out the FB EVENT!

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You guys know I’m dedicated to bringing y’all quality content that is no way biased by my own tastes. Well, this week, we’re going with a fun trend that’s evolved out of the Miku Miku Dance community – Pokemon dance covers. Unfortunately they’re hosted almost uniquely on Nico Nico, meaning you’ll need to make an account to see the full video (or link in your Facebook/Google+ like my dorky self has done). I’ve given you little snapshots here, but trust me, the full thing is so worth it. With gold like the following, you can’t go wrong. Enjoy!

Aggron and Tyranitar (sometimes Mega Evolved) cover Dee” (“Ai Dee”) by MitchieM 

They are ~so~ working this.


Regigas and the Three Golems cover “ポーカーフェイス” (“Poker Face”) by Yucha-P

Arceus must be so proud of its creation.


And, my personal favourite, Psyduck covers Lamb by GARNiDELiA. Little thing doesn’t even have legs but that doesn’t stop it from trying.


Do you wanna be featured in our next omake section? Make a recommendation for an anime, manga or any kind of fan content, along with a 100-or-so word explanation of why you think other people should watch it. And voila!


We’re excited to see you all back for another year!

Fudanshi extraordinaire,


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Monthly Newsletter – January 2017 Edition

January 24, 2017, by , posted in Blog

Welcome to 2017~ I hope you all have a great year, and of course the greatest times will be with us! There’s plenty to be excited about, so I hope you’re all strapped in for a fantastic year of anime and fun and anime fun!

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Crunchyroll decided to run the first “Anime Awards”, frankly just for fun – but it was pretty poorly planned out. In part, because it all took place at the end of the year, it was heavily biased towards series that aired later (read: Yuri!!! On Ice). Needless to say, reactions were pretty poor. Anime of the Year will be announced on the 28th, but based on the trend so far, we can probably predict what’s gonna take the title. How do you think they could manage it better next year, so there’s less (justified I might add) fan hate?

My personal favourite piece of news from this month is unquestionably that one of my favourite trash piles is getting an adaptation – but not quite the one you’d expect. High School Star Musical, an anime about a bunch of guys at a performing arts high school, on top of a second season, is getting a stage musical adaption. I’m such a tragic for trash and musicals and trash musicals that I just felt the need to tell you all. Has anyone else ever taken to musical adaptions of anime? There are a couple of others that I know of but they’re hard to find online owing to being live and stuff.

Speaking of odd adaptations, promotional materials have started circulating for Neko Atsume no Iethe theatrical film based on Hit-Point’s indescribably addictive game Neko Atusme. I don’t know why this exists but I’m glad it does~

ALSO MORE EXCITINGLY!!! The Yu-Gi-Oh that defined our childhoods is back! In a full length movie! The official release is the 2nd of February, but there are also advance screenings on Australia Day!

While we haven’t scheduled any major events just yet thanks to the break, keep your eyes peeled for some ~upcoming surprises~ Continue reading

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Monthly Newsletter – December 2016 Edition

December 24, 2016, by , posted in Blog

Merry Christmas!!! We’re finally at the end of the year and I have one thing to say to you all – congratulations. You’ve survived trimesters, and rushed deadlines and a very turbulent year of anime. Here’s a quick summary of cool things that happened this year, and what’s going on next year.

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First of all, thanks to all of you who attended our Christmas party! The albums are now available on Facebook, and in higher quality on our Flickr as well. Do enjoy!

In other, more entertaining news, Boku no Hero Academia has made the New York Time’s list of top TV shows! Admittedly, only with the qualifier of “international”, and with a pretty weird, slightly short-sighted explanation: “But it focuses on a fanboy who obsessively follows the new costumed heroes while having no abilities of his own — a perfect stand-in for the anime and manga audience.” It feels a little hypocritical for a writer venerating superhero movies and TV shows about Cold War-era spies to take aim at anime fans for liking to engage in fantasies, as well as symptomatic of the limiting view ~normal~ people take to international media, and anime in particular. Does anyone else have that opinion?

This has been a very active month for LBGTQIA+ characters – not only did we have Victor and Yuri consistently one-upping each other for the best cute gay shipping moment of 2016, but a comic from Blizzard revealed Overwatch’s Tracer has a girlfriend named Emily. Needless to say, reactions have been mixed from the community at large  – where do we all fall with this?

ALSO! For any musicians in the group, we’re looking at creating a second band to back up UNIKON at our events. But, of course, that means we need members! Expressions of interest will be going out early in the new year, so if you’re interested, keep your eyes peeled – and maybe start practicing an audition piece! If you don’t happen to have any anime sheet music on hand, toddle on over to Sperion no Sora to see if there’s anything there you can use to help your arrangement.
We’re getting an early start on events for 2017:

[AnimeSydney] Beach Episode!
WHEN: Wednesday 11th January, 12pm-10:00pm
WHERE: Coogee Beach and UNSW
WHAT: Who doesn’t love the beach? And particularly with the spectre of 35+ degree days, taking a dip in a large body of water sounds like a good way to avoid overheating. Join us and all our friends from AnimeSydney at Coogee Beach from 12:00pm for a day of summer fun! At 3:30, we’ll retire back to the nearby UNSW campus for screenings and other fun. All for the low low cost of a gold coin donation!
Continue reading

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Monthly Newsletter – November 2016 Edition

November 24, 2016, by , posted in Blog

The year is getting scarily close to ending now, so let’s send it off with a bang! There’s lots going on, between the Pokemon release, unnecessarily early Christmas advertising campaigns, and, of course, our up-and-coming Christmas party, so let’s get down to business.

News and Events Banner

Amid all the furore around Pokemon Sun and Moon, a couple of pretty awesome game releases got skipped over. Mostly, I’m talking about Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness, a visual novel acting as a side story to the main series. I know I was a huge fan of the original, so this is a definite on my Christmas wishlist! Anyone else happy about this discovery?

In a move that shocked absolutely no one, the Evangelion 3.0+1.0 movie was very, very late based on the original announcements. We were told to expect it around late 2015, but what with localisation issues with 3.0 and all this other mess the project got caught up in, it seems that it’s really only getting under way now. We’ll see it “eventually”, according to animation director Honda Takeshi. Better than never, I guess?

In cheerier news for the otome among you, you may remember the figures of Rin and Sosuke based on the OVA for Free! Eternal Summer that made a pretty big splash back in late 2015. The ones with the wet shirts and water pistols? Well, it was Makoto’s birthday on the 18th, and in celebration, preorders opened for a new figure of him in that same series. I want it so bad but so much money T_T please tell me I’m not alone in this OwO (P.S. I’ve officially caved).

Don’t forget our upcoming events! AND REMEMBER – if you’re coming to our Christmas party (which you are), you absolutely HAVE to buy a ticket super-super-soon, so get in touch with an exec ASAP~

[AnimeSydney] Christmas Party!
WHEN: Friday 2nd December, 6pm-10:00pm
WHERE: The Underground, UTS
WHAT: Come and celebrate the end of another successful year of AnimeSydney activities with us~ We’ll have all sorts of activities, including our traditional trivia competition, a cosplay contest and Pokemon tournament! Check out the FB event for the full list. There’s not very long left to get tickets in the presale, so contact an exec ASAP to get that sweet, sweet $5 saving.
Continue reading


Halloween Hunt~ [with JASS & DC]

October 29, 2016, by , posted in Events

BOO! Now that we have your attention, come to the joint Halloween extravaganza with our friends at anime@UTS and DC~
We’ll be starting our super spooky scavenger hunt at 4pm – come for a heart-racing rush around the city as you’re led through a cult initiation. Collect the stamps to compete for prizes!
Following that, come back to cult headquarters (better known as CB07.02.025) for finger food and some monstrous movies*
Cost is $5 for a night of fun, frights and friends
*full list TBA

WHEN: Friday 18th November, 4pm-10pm
WHERE: CB07.02.025
COST: $5
FB: link