Monthly Newsletter – November Edition

GIRIGIRI SEIFU DA NE~ I only just squeezed this one out while it’s still technically November so I’m proud of me but that’s literally the lowest possible bar to clear. This is just gonna be a short one ’cause I have heaaaappsssss of other shit to do literally right now so that’s my bad

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It’s been a big month in movie releases, with No Game No Life Zero and Heaven’s Feel I: presage flower pretty much popping out back to back. With Madman pretty much licencing every major anime film release, we’ve started negotations with the newly opened Palace Cinemas Central Park to potentially arrange some neato deals for y’all. They’re pretty open to suggestions so I’d like to hear your ideas (since you guys will be the ones using these deals anyway)! Let me what you’d like to see in a relationship with a cinema either over Facebook or via email at

Now, onto our events! I told you this would be short.



WHEN: December 1st, 5-10:30pm
WHERE: UTS Underground
WHAT:  This year AnimeSydney has brought you some amazing events, but to top it off we are bringing you the BIGGEST. BEST. MOST SUGOI. event we have EVER had. It is time to rock out at our AnimeSydney Christmas Band Party!!! The line up is amazing and includes one of the coolest new and upcoming anime cover bands: WASABI GALAXY. Not to mention we will be having some EPIC activities. We are talking about MARIOKART COMPETITIONS, FESTIVAL GAMES, ANIME TRIVIA, COSPLAY, AND SOOOOO MANY PRIZES TO WIN~~~


Presale has now closed but you can still get tickets at the door for $25 until capacity is reached.

Check out the FB Event!

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I am fresh out of ideas so here is another collection of bomb-ass pixivision collections. Remember to support the artists by, at the very least, liking their work on pixiv as well, and chuck pixivision a like on FB to keep up to date with the good shit :)

Cooking is so fun! Frying Pans

The sexiest gesture ♡ Biting Gloves

Perfect for a winter date! Girls in Duffel Coats

Clerics are the best! Monks

I am the law! Outlaw Boys

Fudanshi extraordinaire,