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Monthly Newsletter – November Edition

November 30, 2017, by , posted in Blog

GIRIGIRI SEIFU DA NE~ I only just squeezed this one out while it’s still technically November so I’m proud of me but that’s literally the lowest possible bar to clear. This is just gonna be a short one ’cause I have heaaaappsssss of other shit to do literally right now so that’s my bad

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It’s been a big month in movie releases, with No Game No Life Zero and Heaven’s Feel I: presage flower pretty much popping out back to back. With Madman pretty much licencing every major anime film release, we’ve started negotations with the newly opened Palace Cinemas Central Park to potentially arrange some neato deals for y’all. They’re pretty open to suggestions so I’d like to hear your ideas (since you guys will be the ones using these deals anyway)! Let me what you’d like to see in a relationship with a cinema either over Facebook or via email at

Now, onto our events! I told you this would be short.

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