Monthly Newsletter – August Edition

Hey team! I hope your semester is going better than mine. This is just gonna be a short newsletter from me because I’m low key dying I have like 17 assignments due and I’m working like 30 hours a week on top of 24 hours of classes and it’s just a little -_- rn~ but I’ll be back in force next month with some good shit for y’all I promise!

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Okay so Dominos has done what is officially the oddest combo of all time – for $49.95 you get 3 pizzas, a drink, garlic bread and a download code for Final Fantasy XIV. I don’t really understand why, seeing as pretty much anyone who’d want the game has it by now, but I didn’t so of course my useless self has caved and taken part in this bizarre promotion. It’s objectively a good deal, just… interesting.

We’ve finally hit peak release time for the opening and ending themes for this season’s anime and there is some good shit out there right now. Some of the big players have come back again – Kalafina has released Hyakka Ryouran for Katsugeki: Touken RanbuLiSA’s Datte Atashi no Hero unsurprisingly belongs with Boku no Hero Academia Season 2, GARNiDELiA and EGOIST have double-teamed Fate/Apocrypha with their songs Eiyuu  Unmei no Uta and Désir as the opening and ending respectively. Mizuki Nana released two singles on the same day (again the crazy woman), featuring TESTAMENT, the opening to the latest instalment of Senki Zesshou Symphogearand Destiny’s Prelude, the opening song to the latest instalment in the Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha franchise (of course, both singles charted in the top 5 – TESTAMENT at number 2 and Destiny’s Prelude at number 3). Okamoto Nobuhiko put forward an excellent entry for a comparative amateur with Sacrament, the ending theme for Vatican Kiseki Chousakanbut mostly excitingly ryo from supercell has teamed up with promising rookie Tia to produce Deal with the Devila dirty jazz number used as the opening for KakeguruiAs far as openings are concerned, this one is pretty much a sure shot for best of the year in my book – dynamic and flexible, vocals with strong technique and character both, and always exciting to hear, it’s everything a great song should be.

ALSO! If you didn’t get to see us at SMASH, or were too broke by the time you got there, you can order a merchandise item online and we’ll deliver it to you on a Friday at Fun and Games! (It runs from 2-8pm don’t try and tell me you can’t make it.) Make sure you read the form before you fill it out!

Now onto our events~

Episode 11 – Karaoke [SIDE B]

WHEN: Monday, September 11th (yes we know), 12:oo-6:00pm
WHERE: Echo Point, corner of Park St and Pitt St
WHAT:  Coming up in the next few weeks is everyone’s favourite thing Exams! wait no… KARAOKE!!! That’s right – it’s been ages since our last trip so come join us and let’s destroy our vocal chords together at KARAOKE! We will be going during the mid semester break on Monday the 11th of September and we will be going to our favourite location Echo Point karaoke from 12:00 – 6:00pm so come join us at anytime and let’s all embarass ourselves or impress everyone!

It’s $15 for the 6 hours, but you do also have to buy a drink, which range in price from $3 to pretty much as expensive as you like. Note that Echo can’t process EFTPOS transactions under $20, so if you intend to cut costs, please be prepared with an appropriate amount of cash or arrange to transfer a friend.

Check out the FB Event!

AnimeSydney Maid Cafe!

WHEN: Saturday, September 30th
WHERE: Sydney Park Pavilion, St Peters
WHAT: AnimeSydney is hosting a Maid Cafe event once again !!! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ Get ready for the maid cafe to be BIGGER, BETTER, and CUTER than ever before!!! GET EXCITED because our kawaii maids and our dashing butlers will be waiting to sweep you off your feet and serve you our delicious food ~ ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧ (*´▽`*)

This event is strictly a BOOKINGS ONLY event. The reservation form can be found at:
Please carefully read the information & instructions provided before submitting the booking form. If there are any enquiries, please post on the event page or email us at

A big thanks to our key sponsor Anime at Abbotsford!

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I’m out of ideas again so it’s time for more reviews of my favourite things lel forgive my trashy self

FEATURED ANIME – Princess Tutu – Hal Film Maker, 2002

So this one is already pretty popular but IT DESERVES MORE ATTENTION DAMMIT ITS SO GOOD. Aside from a few technical difficulties brought in from attempting to animate the incredibly complicated motions of classical ballet in 2002, everything about this show is pretty much perfect in my book. In a classy twist on the old idea of the unreliable narrator, the story takes place within a fairy tale being written by an old poet by the name of Herr D.D. Drosselmeyer, who possesses the power to turn everything he writes into reality. He died while writing a story about a prince and a raven at war, culminating in the heroic prince shattering his heart to seal the evil raven back within the pages of fiction. A duck named Duck is given the power to transform into the eponymous Princess Tutu, to help the prince recover the shards of his heart. And that’s where this series stops being predictable. A wild turn of events, inspired visually by major historical ballets like Swan Lake and Coppélia, leads to a thrilling story of free will and fate that leaves the fourth wall in rubble. A true philosophical triumph, complete with beautifully fleshed out characters representing almost every darkness and light in the human psyche, Princess Tutu is not to be missed. Old but better than gold – 11/10.

FEATURED MANGA – Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne – Tanemura Arina, 1997

Debate rages within fandom as to whether it was Sailor Moon or Madoka Magica that ushered in the golden age of magical girls, but it’s sincere gems like this one that leave me in firmly in the former team. Before everything needed darkness and cyncism, characters were allowed to be interesting as humans, not just plot devices, and that’s the thinking that gives us Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne. By all measures a standard magical girl plot, featuring 14-year-old Kusakabe Maron, the reincarnation of Jeanne d’Arc, doing God’s work by sealing demons that appear in artwork. Predictable but nonetheless endearing, it’s not the plot twists that define this series as much as it is the stunning way in which characters grow – not lead on by conveniently timed plot crises but naturally as they find out the world isn’t as black and white as they thought as kids. A timeless testament to the value of compassion and empathy over force, this is the kind of series that can you leave a younger reader genuinely changed – having read it myself at age 14 or so, it stands out in my memory as an excellent example of how to learn to treat yourself and those around you with care, a lovely counterbalance to the shock-carousel storytelling of modern magical girl series – 7/10.

Please save me I’m running out of things to write here and if I get reelected I might actually die before I manage another year of this. Contact me over Facebook or at if you have a review of literally anything you’d like featured here, or any other ideas for this section ^_^

Love, as always,

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