Episode 11 Karaoke (SIDE B)

Hey everyone coming up in the next few weeks is everyone’s favourite thing Exams! wait no… KARAOKE!!! That’s right it’s been ages since our last trip so come join us and let’s destroy our vocal chords together at KARAOKE!

We will be going during the mid semester break on Monday the 11th of September and we will be going to our favourite location Echo point karaoke from 12:00 – 6:00pm so come join us at anytime and let’s all embaress ourselves or impress everyone!

Where: Echo point karaoke – 262 Pitt Street
When: Stuvac 11th of September
How much: This event will cost $15 plus a drink so somewhere between $18 – $22 (it’s generally easier to bring cash for making group payments)
Event: facebook