Monthly Newsletter – July Edition

Oh no, the semester break is nearly over~ why did I do nothing I said I would do? I haven’t even watched the all the anime I wanted to T_T Well, anyway, at least I have fun subjects this semester, so I mightn’t hate my life the whole time. Just most of it. With that said, let’s get to the fun stuff!

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A big thank you to everyone that came on camp~ we’re slowly working through all the photos and they’ll be up super soon~

Keijo is real now (but only in Portugal). I have nothing more I can say on this topic. It’s pretty dorky, but I mean hey. Keijo was dorky.

Legendary raids are finally a thing in Pokémon Go! A team of as many as 20 people can gather at a gym location and challenge either a Lugia or an Articuno. But, in true Pokémon Go style, it’s buggy af. Aside from some raid locations that have poor network access, incredibly overpowered Lugias for casual players, flawed catch rate balancing and difficulties functioning in rural areas with low population density, there’s just plumb not enough people playing any more to manage raids this way anymore. To cap it off, Lugias and Articunos have a bad habit of running away. But some of this is actually an interesting question – a lot of people thought Pokémon Go would just be Pokémon on a smartphone, but it’s really not. I mean, there’s only meant to be one Lugia and one Articuno in all the world, according to lore, so it makes sense they should be very difficult to catch. But that’s never how Pokémon has been before. It’s been independent, and catching legendaries was a grilling war of attrition against the RNG, rather than a genuinely tough battle. Is anyone still playing, or participated in a raid? Did you hate it?

Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII has made another entry in her modelling career – first Louis Vuitton, and now Nissan. China has produced a series of ads involving various people putting on VR headsets and substituting the driver with either Lightning or Snow Villiers. Why exactly? Why not? If it sells cars, it works.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for the Madman CELEBRATE STUDIO GHIBLI event – we’re looking at negotiating some discounts for all you lovely people~

And now for our events!

If you’re headed to SMASH this year, make sure you swing by our table! We’ll let you know more once we know more~

AnimeSydney Maid Cafe!

WHEN: Saturday, September 30th
WHERE: Sydney Park Pavilion, St Peters
WHAT: AnimeSydney is hosting a Maid Cafe event once again !!! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ Get ready for the maid cafe to be BIGGER, BETTER, and CUTER than ever before!!! GET EXCITED because our kawaii maids and our dashing butlers will be waiting to sweep you off your feet and serve you our delicious food ~ ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧ (*´▽`*)

This event is strictly a BOOKINGS ONLY event. The reservation form can be found at:
Please carefully read the information & instructions provided before submitting the booking form. If there are any enquiries, please post on the event page or email us at

A big thanks to our key sponsor Anime at Abbotsford!

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Okay so this is just gonna be a bit of a storytime that starts when me, our secretary Daniel and a friend went to the Evangelion New Theatrical Edition Marathon that Madman licenced kind of out of nowhere. It was really good actually, I forgot how much I liked the movies (and damn Kaworu’s butt looks fantastic on the silver screen. Like. Really good. Anyway, moving on).

There were approximately 10 minutes breaks between each movie so that the watchers didn’t just up and die. In one such break, we turned to discussing the Evangelion universe. Of course, an obvious question is “was there a manga?” (to which the answer is yes, two, in both an original and alternate universe setting, but they came after the series). One of us (honestly, I don’t remember which one but given that I’m pretty sure I already knew this probably not me) said “oh, is that that Ikari Shinji Raising Project thing?”, to which I responded “that was a spinoff from a dating sim style game they did, but there’s also another one.” So, eventually, this led us to this here Wikipedia page listing officially licenced Evangelion games. I would draw your attention to the mahjong games category – of the four, three of them are apparently “strip mahjong” games.

That is right. There’s an officially licenced Evangelion strip mahjong game. In fact, there’s three. What. The. Fuck.

I have so many questions. Firstly, why? Like I know that people perhaps got a little ~personally invested~ in the Eva characters so nudity makes sense. But… why mahjong? On that note, how does strip mahjong actually work? If one player wins, and three lose, as is pretty standard in mahjong, do all three players strip? That’s a little too efficient, don’t you think? There’s no tension. Are there 3-point minimums? I just don’t know. Moreover, what happens if the player loses? Do you just strip, awkwardly, in front of your screen, your Vitamin-D deficient skin reflecting the otherworldly blue light as you reveal yourself to nothing in particular, in a display of honour to the principle of the this game on which, evidently, someone spent actual money? Enough money to justify two sequels? 

Jesus Christ.

Evangelion was confusing enough, then they did this.


Please give me better material for the omake section next month. Find me on Facebook, or send in an email to, with a review of an anime or an idea for something you’d like to see here, and we’ll make it work for you~

We’ll see you next month, hopefully less scarred by Evangelion Strip Mahjong.

Fudanshi extraordinaire,