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Monthly Newsletter – January 2017 Edition

Welcome to 2017~ I hope you all have a great year, and of course the greatest times will be with us! There’s plenty to be excited about, so I hope you’re all strapped in for a fantastic year of anime and fun and anime fun!

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Crunchyroll decided to run the first “Anime Awards”, frankly just for fun – but it was pretty poorly planned out. In part, because it all took place at the end of the year, it was heavily biased towards series that aired later (read: Yuri!!! On Ice). Needless to say, reactions were pretty poor. Anime of the Year will be announced on the 28th, but based on the trend so far, we can probably predict what’s gonna take the title. How do you think they could manage it better next year, so there’s less (justified I might add) fan hate?

My personal favourite piece of news from this month is unquestionably that one of my favourite trash piles is getting an adaptation – but not quite the one you’d expect. High School Star Musical, an anime about a bunch of guys at a performing arts high school, on top of a second season, is getting a stage musical adaption. I’m such a tragic for trash and musicals and trash musicals that I just felt the need to tell you all. Has anyone else ever taken to musical adaptions of anime? There are a couple of others that I know of but they’re hard to find online owing to being live and stuff.

Speaking of odd adaptations, promotional materials have started circulating for Neko Atsume no Iethe theatrical film based on Hit-Point’s indescribably addictive game Neko Atusme. I don’t know why this exists but I’m glad it does~

ALSO MORE EXCITINGLY!!! The Yu-Gi-Oh that defined our childhoods is back! In a full length movie! The official release is the 2nd of February, but there are also advance screenings on Australia Day!

While we haven’t scheduled any major events just yet thanks to the break, keep your eyes peeled for some ~upcoming surprises~

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I don’t know how many of you follow fanartists and/or have pixiv accounts, but I’ve never found anyone who doesn’t appreciate some good output. And a great way to get this without a lot of stress is pixivision! They feature some great stuff, all centred around a theme. Here are some top entries from recent times, and their summaries!

Gesture of Holding Something in One’s Mouth!

“That “paku!” sound that emerges when you clench your lips around a candy or some bread, a glove or a cigarette…

The action of holding something in one’s mouth is really sexy. The various accessories trapped between one’s narrowing lips can produce cute and even wild expressions. When someone is carrying an object in their mouth, it is both evidence of trust as well as a gesture that makes the people around feel at ease.

Today, we have a special feature on illustrations of the state of holding something in one’s mouth. Enjoy!”

Illustrations of Transparent Specimen

Transparent specimen refers to the process of using vivid colors to dye the skeleton, making the structure of the delicate bones appear as if it is coming to life. When the specimen are fish and reptiles, whose body structures is completely different from that of humans, their bones in themselves are thinner and line up in many different ways. You feel like you can just stare at the mysterious colors forever. When someone uses Alcian Blue and Alizarin Red for dyeing, even if you look at the original specimen or draw them as an illustration, the vivid colors is what attracts your eye.

Today we have a special feature on illustrations with motifs of transparent specimen. Enjoy!”

 Yes, I Can Relate to It!

“The tag “aruaru” is a Japanese popular tag that indicates relatable situations and things that happen a lot. Looking at illustrations featuring familiar scenes from everyday life, you will feel all warm and fuzzy! By browsing through this tag on pixiv you will come across many relatable artworks that will make you empathize with the creators and share their feelings.

Today we collected some illustrations coming from the “aruaru” tag. I’m sure you’re going to find some relatable pictures too! Enjoy!”


The amount of talent physically hurts me, but I’m okay with that.

See you all soon,

Fudanshi extraordinaire,