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Monthly Newsletter – September Edition

September 30, 2016, by , posted in Blog

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Hey everyone! If you’ve read our last newsletter, you’d know that we had our AGM, meaning that the old execs will now be replaced by new ones, meaning that this will be the last newsletter from Yours Truly, me D: Not to fear though! We now have the wonderful Matt as our Communications Director, so he will now be in charge of writing up newsletters as per usual, so I will be leaving you all in good hands! (I will be missing these one-sided conversations though…;; )

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So the biggest news of this month is the announcement of One Punch Man’s Season 2. It is currently in production and will hopefully air next year!

Also some great news: if you’re in Australia (which you most likely are), there is free streaming of up-to-date anime this weekend from AnimeLab! It’s just for this weekend though, so you’d better stay tuned!

[anime@UTS] Night Noodle Markets!
WHEN: 14th October
WHERE: Hyde Park

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AGM 2016 Results: Your New Team!

September 25, 2016, by , posted in Admin, News


A huge thanks to all of you who made it to our AGM this week, and an even bigger thanks to our leaving exec team in the above picture for a great year! Of course, we now have a not-so-all-new team of execs to #makeanimegreatagain in 2017 :P

newexecs2016-2 So, here’s the team!

Fingers crossed for our best year yet! Starting right now: the Japanese Film Festival is coming up, and they’re holding a big cosplay day to get everyone in the spirit of things. If this has captured your interest, get involved! You can find more information here.

See you soon!