anime@JASS Trivia


Do you know the exact population of Japan? Or how many times Naruto has shouted Sasuke’s name and been ignored? (Hint: very similar number) No? Well start studying because it’s TRIVIA TIME!

It’s the time of year where you can prove just how knowledgeable you are with our Trivia Night! This year JASS and anime@UTS have teamed up to bring you this event so be prepared for a challenging set of questions (×_×)

Join us at 6pm on the 7th of June in UTS Underground for and you can win some epic prizes! Tickets cost $15 for a single ticket, or if you register as a group of 4 it costs $50. Ticket price includes entry, some snacks and a couple of drinks.

There is limited space so make sure you get your tickets fast!
To get your tickets fill out this form here:

When: 7th June 6pm
Where: UTS Underground
Cost: $15 (single) $50 (group of 4)
Why: To prove your worth. And fun.
FB Link: here