It’s O’Day Tomorrow!


Hey guys! Semester is quickly coming up and O’Day is tomorrow!

This year we’re going to be at the concourse! That’s straight down the right flight of stairs once you get into the tower building~

Also, don’t forget to join us for Games and Fun! We’ll be setting up a bunch of our board games, as well as SSBB, at CB02.4.23 :D
If you’re not sure where that is, visit us at our concourse stall so that we can send you the right way! And if you still have trouble finding us, here is a great video walkthrough of the place:

Keep an eye out on the Facebook event (bellow) and our social media in case of any updates.

Membership cost: $10 for the year
When: 16th March
Where: UTS Building 1 (tower)
Time: 9am-4pm
FB: Link