Music Monday – Tell me why?

This weeks edition of Music Monday is brought to you by our very own Patrick Dunne, enjoy:

I recently found out that you guys have an anime music blog.

So when the Prez asked me if I wanted to write about music……about anime music. I couldn’t really care, but because I love you guys, I’m willing to give you a sloppily written Sunday hangover review about my journey into the heart of madness that is the world of anime music.

There is one song, that –only you Hipsters out there will get– that I love more then “Cruel Angel’s Thesis”.

And that song is…. (*Drum Roll*)

‘Tell Me Why’ -By the Penpals.

Look, There’s no secret that I’m the #1 fan of Berserk in Oceania.

But “Tell me why” is the worst OP for any franchise ever made. Particularly for a show that is a rad as ‘Berserk.’

For those of you who don’t know what a Berserk is, it is a 1997 slice of fantasy life anime adapted from Kentaro Miura’s 1989 critically acclaimed Manga. It follows a young man named gutz in a time of social upheaval as he explores the meaning of friendship, gets caught in comedic situations, and even finds love while all struggling against his own existential crises.


Berserk is like 90’s Naruto and One Piece, If you like these cartoons then you would love Berserk. But Berserk is better because

Mercenaries > Pirates> Ninja’s

Sorry, where was I up to yes …….. Sigh… Anime music. The Berserk OST is the bomb.

Composed by famed Japanese  avant-garde experimental prog rock genius,  Susumu Hirasawa.

The Berserk OST is a fix of Saxon music sensibilities, with Japanese pizza. reminiscent (if that even makes sense) of his future work with Paprika Millennium Actress and the Adobe expert support show.

The eclectic mix of songs like Earth, Guts theme and, of course, FORCES make the show Hype as *****

EarthGuts themeForces.

Unfortunately, when you put on an episode, you get Susumu’s masterpiece. You get welcomed to this.

Penpals “tell me Why”:

In your confusion, you watched the rest of the episode. You enjoyed it, you even stayed for that weird folk ending song (Don’t get me started on that song). Then you get “into next week on Berserk” and you get blasted with the eclectic operatic glory that is Forces.

And like the sane person you are, in a fit of rage, you question the existence of this anime. How come forces isn’t the OP! Did some intern goof up and mixed up the songs! Still, maybe I’m a bit harsh to the Penpals. Its not like they had a choice, they were told to do a song, and they did. But compared to Susumu, I’m sorry you’re just going to look bad.

You groan and moan about this opening, but you keep watching the show because its pretty good. Sure it doesn’t have the Rasengan’s, MMO setting ,waifus, or a bunch of pirates (who despite being pirates don’t actually do any pirating). You start falling in love with the world the characters

With your love of the show, something magical happens. Call it a Christmas miracle, or as you weebs call it, golden day miracle. I call it Stockholm syndrome. Like a hostage you start to fall in love with your abductor. You know “Tell me why” is bad, you know it’s the root of all evil but you start to love it. But most importantly no matter how much you know and the world knows that objectively “A Cruel Angels Theses” is the greatest anime song of all time. You just can’t help and waste a whole Sunday afternoon to write about some trash OP from the 90’s because you love it so much.

“Tell me why” is the greatest anime song of all time!

And it is a shame that the Anime Sydney band has not done a cover yet.

And this relates to my next point how “Tell me Why” has led the surge the rise of popularity in cricket in the Inner West of Sydney……

What? Gotta wrap it up?

Anyways I’ve wasted enough of your time; you probably need to feed your Luffy statute or something.

To wrap it up, I think we need to bring Penpals to Smash this year to play “Tell me Why” live. With your help sign this petition so we can bring the tyranny of Smash to a halt and lead the consumer revolution with the Pencils. And most importantly make [email protected] great again!

So join me next week as I talk about “How Irish folk heroes, cheese and cattle wars are making eroge visual novels great again.”



Rick Dunne