Music Monday – Scandal

Hi everyone, today’s Music Monday is brought to you by our very own Tonkatsu! Lets see what he has to say about SCANDAL:

I’ve been listening to all of SCANDAL’s released albums ever since their announcement on a new album Yellow, which will be out on March 2nd. I’ll just say straight off that it’s one of those bands, like Asian Kung Fu Generation, that you want to keep talking about, because their songs are incredible.

SCANDAL was formed as a rock band back in 2006, which is what these 4 females called themselves, as they only did rock when they first started. They’re not simply 4 girls that tries to look cute as depicted in the likes of K-ON – they sing, play, write some songs and puts up great performances live on stage. They’re a powerful band with lively personality – so it’s no wonder why they are super popular.

I’m sure most of you guys have heard of SCANDAL before as they performed theme songs for popular anime such as Bleach:

or the 2014 Pokemon film, XY: Hakai no Mayu to Diancie:

and of course FMA:

Shunkan Sentimental is one of my favourite songs of the bunch. The opening has a very catchy melody and the song itself define SCANDAL’s intended style of rock. It was the most watched MV on YouTube with over 6 million views. Nowadays, they have adapted to a more pop oriented rock and while I’m okay with that, it would be nice for them to go back to what makes them popular.

Guess we’ll have to wait until their new album comes out on March 2nd! Since Vadim covered Asian Kung Fu Generation last week, hopefully your knowledge in Japanese rock is a bit bigger and I highly recommend you all to listen to SCANDAL because they are making a comeback!

– Tonkatsu