Music Monday – Parasite

Good morning folks, this weeks Music Monday is presented to you by Nick Bradley. Enjoy:

A very obscure anime that was recommended to me by a friend, the only information provided was “migi” – I had no idea what this meant.

Gradually, as in the first episode, I learnt the meaning of the word and couldn’t understand why he hadn’t told me more than just “mini”. Regardless the information he gave was enough to provide an insight to what the anime was about and how truly enjoyable my very own migi could be ;)

However one thing that he failed to mention was the opening theme “Let Me Hear” by Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas. The unique sound that the OP provides correlates across four different sections within the song – the original track adds to these sections to an even greater depth.

The beginning of the op features a slightly dirtied guitar riff that sets the tone for the whole song and to a degree the MC’s transformation throughout the series. Following this is the bridge where the synthesizer is introduced – a higher class of sound that depicts the actual centrepiece of the song, similar to that of migi within the anime. However this revelation only comes through later on in the song (as well as the anime) when the mashup of instruments (events and characters) comes into play.

The OP finishes with the synthesizer waning off, a mash of (slight) screamo, and heavy guitar riffs, which consistently amp up the audience for the next episode and finally it all ends on a scream.

I highly recommend listening to this song and hopefully watching the anime because it’s god damn kowaii-ly sugoi – legitimately though, it was a great op that laid the path to an awesome anime. The songs vibrant layers open the gates to a lush musical journey that in my opinion can relate to (even a small degree) all people’s tastes. If the OP leaves you wanting more definitely look up the whole song as it adds even more complexity to the sounds mashed up layers of instruments.