Music Monday – Asian Kung-fu Generation

The new season started and one of the best shows is time around is called Boku Dake ga Inai Machi, or Erased in English. But I am here to talk about music, more specifically the OP of this great show. Its called Re:Re: by Asian Kung-Fu Generation and I think it fits this shows theme perfectly. Why? Well the melody, the lyrics are a given, but in this case its also the reason behind choosing a song by AKG from 2005. The story of Erased is set in 2006 and that is exactly the time when Asian Kung-Fu Generation was super popular, so it fits right?

I’m sure you have heard of AKG before as they have done numerous anime opening themes like the original FMA:

Or the Tatami Galaxy OP:

And of course one of the Naruto OPs:

And they are also famous in Japan for their performances on variety shows. While I was in Japan, I don’t think there were any uni students that did not know about AKG. They are like the Linkin Park of Japan, every 90s kid went through them. So I’d recommend you listen to few of their hits, and expand you knowledge of Japanese rock.