Music Monday – Christmas×Anime

Merry Christmas! One of everyone’s favourite part of this season is the music, and one of everyone’s favourite parts of anime is music. So I say this calls for a fusion – anime Christmas music! There are some real gems hidden in this oddly specific category. Some of you may remember I have a deep love for Mizuki Nana, and she kickstarted her career with a role in a very old PlayStation game, NOeL ~La Neige~ (it’s so old it’s only on Japanese Wikipedia!), and with that role came a character song – Merry X’mas ~Holy Night Vers.~

Okay, I don’t think it’s possible to not love this song. It’s so beautifully jaunty yet smooth, invigorating yet calming. And Nana-chan has such a sweet voice as well – it’s a perfect combination, bringing to mind snow falling like fairy dust, just as the lyrics (sort of) say.

Our second feature this week is yet another hidden gem of the Digimon universe (specifically, Digimon Adventure 02), Tenshi no Inori by AiM.

It honestly shocks me some of the things we call Christmas songs when there exist other options of this calibre (I am an absolute whore for a capella openings though so my judgement is far from objective). This song wraps up Christmas so well for me – a season about giving generously, receiving gratefully and sharing fun times with family and friends. And AiM’s voice is better than what many people would give her credit for.

So with these two extra weapons in your Christmas music arsenal, I wish you all a very merry (or should I say animerry?) Christmas, and come back to the club events next year refreshed, rejuvenated and ready for fun!