Monthly Newsletter – December 2015 Edition

At long last this year seems to be coming to an end. Congrats for surviving all those exams and results, now time to binge on some unwatched anime from this season! Speaking of which, who’s been watching One Punch Man!? All those awesome action scenes and clever humour definitely makes it among my favourite animes from this year. Anyway, a huge thank you to all you members and execs who helped in making this such a great year for Anime@UTS! And don’t worry, we are still far from running out of superb ideas lined up to satisfy all your anime-related desires until uni season begins again :D

This year was filled with so many fantastic events, all thanks to all of you who came and participated in them, whether it was at a couple of our weekly screenings or the AnimeSydney camp! The Christmas Party this year also turned out to be one of our best events from this year, again all thanks to those who came along!

Don’t fear though! We still have one more epic event this year so that you don’t have to curl up in the corner of your basement watching Boku no Pico until New Year’s! (That’s what you do, right?)

[anime@UTS] Sake Factory Tour!!
WHEN: Tuesday, December 15 at 9AM – 4PM
WHERE: Go-Shu Australian Sake (29 Cassola Place, Penrith, New South Wales 2750)
WHAT: It’s time for us to see how our beloved sake is made! We will be going on a brewery tour at Go Shu Australian Sake in Penrith!
COST: $3

Sorry, no weekly events until next year D:

Lost on what to read/watch? We’ve got it all figured out! Here are this month’s hot picks by our fellow club members! If you’re interested in submitting your own review on an anime, manga or fan content, send us a message via Facebook and you can have your 5 minutes of fame in our Omake section~ :3

Jean recommends The Devil is a Part-Timer! [Hataraku Maou-sama!] (13 episodes)
“The title might sound like another cliche anime at first but it has a strong back story, a lot of potential and
if you like something with a good action plot mixed with fantasy and some great comedy, I would highly recommend give Hataraku Mao-sama a shot. The main character is Sadao, a demonic overlord who is forced to retreat into an alternate dimension – the modern day Tokyo – after only being a few steps away from ultimate world dominance. Here the anti-hero character is trapped in human form, working in McDonalds to survive while he attempts to find a way to recover his powers. Personally, I give this anime a rating well above average because of how much I enjoyed all 13 episodes of solid comedy and fun action scenes.”

Lester recommends Oyasumi Punpun
“It’s really, really good, trust me! A manga written by Inio Asano, Oyasumi Punpun follows the life of Punpun, seemingly mundane and hopeful in its playful abstractions before devolving into a really intense dissection of life’s burdens. The atmosphere of the manga is eerily heavy, partly because of the (awesome) art’s flawless realism, partly because of how depressingly real/flawed the characters are, and mostly because you know life cannot be perfect in this manga. You can’t truly love any of the characters whole-heartedly, but you condemn them without a heavy heart either. It’s hard to explain, you just need to read it :)”

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