Night Noodle Markets 2015


Photo by Mad (I tried to save it, but the lighting was horrible, don’t blame him)

The Night Noodle Markets is an annual event held at Hyde Park, where people can try noodles, fried chicken, dumplings, corn on a stick and many more unique asian foods. As a club with deep interested in asian culture, we could not not go! Assignments due? Exams coming up? Pffft – Night Noodle Markets are on! Accompanied by JASS, we went out to experience some good asian cuisine (and beer), just like back in 2013. Good (but overpriced) food, great atmosphere, amazing people, what more would you possible want.

Thank you all for coming, and those who didn’t – you guys missed out. Next up we got Halloween, JFF, Matsuri and Xmas Party! Hope to see you all there.

PS: You should buy some Xmas party tickets from us.