Monthly Newsletter- October 2015 Edition

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Hi everyone, I am your new exec in charge of writing newsletters and other stuff, yoroshiku~! You’ll probably be seeing me a lot on our Facebook and Twitter pages if you haven’t already. Here’s to hoping for an awesome rest-of-the-year with our new team of execs, and our glorious new supreme leader, Lester!

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With AGM being over, we officially have our new team of execs that are in charge of running anime@UTS, including events and social media! Take a look at our Facebook or official website post for more details on our  wonderful new team!


Boruto Screening at the Ritz

WHEN: Friday 16th October 6:30pm 
Ritz Cinema Randwick
Naruto is back! And now he has kids! Everyone has kids! Let’s go watch their movie!
COST: Concession: $13.50 , Adult: $15

[anime@UTS X JASS] Night Noodle Markets!

WHEN: Friday 23rd October 4:30pm 
Meet at Fun & Games in CB02.05.32
COST: FREE buuuuut you must buy your own food!

[anime@UTS x JASS] Halloween Night! (๑✧◡✧๑) 

WHEN: Saturday 31st October 5:30-11:00pm  
WHAT: We invite you to come and join us for a grand night of unrelenting fun, unforgiving fear and all of that sweet-ass candy.
COST: $5 for everyone!


Monday Screenings
3-5pm; CB02.05.32

Wednesday Screenings
3-6pm; CB05C.01.20

Etch and Jam with Drawing Circle
2-5pm; CB05D.01.14
Friday Game & Funs
3-6pm; CB02.05.39

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Lost on what to read/watch? We’ve got it all figured out! Here are this month’s hot picks by our fellow club members! If you’re interested in submitting your own review on an anime, manga or fan content, send us a message via Facebook and you can have your 5 minutes of fame in our Omake section~ :3



Del recommends Wakako-zake
“If you’re looking for something non-committal and easy to understand, Wakako-zake fits the bill. Each episode the main character sits down to a meal and enjoys it to the fullest. This is the type of show you can understand while still half asleep and in desperate need of a coffee. No plot twist, confusing dialogue or indecipherable terminology, just a foodie enjoying her food. At 2 minutes, each episode is no longer than the average YouTube skit, which is alright considering there are no cliff-hangers. All in all, Wakako-zake can be considered show full of food recommendations.”



Matt recommends Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne (30 chapters)

“Kusakabe Maron leads a relatively run-of-the-mill high school life with her best friend and neighbour Toudaiji Miyako. But by night, she becomes Kaitou Jeanne, a reincarnated spirit of Jeanne d’Arc who’s been tasked with sealing demons who sneak into the human world through beautiful artworks by an angel of God, Fin Fish. In the process, she goes toe-to-toe with Miyako, who’s also the daughter of the police chief, and dreams of taking on his role when she grows up. When the handsome Nagoya Chiaki moves in next door and then transfers into her class, and the mysterious Kaitou Sinbad challenges Jeanne to seal the demons before he does, Maron finds her faced with all sorts of dilemmas. Can she maintain this double life? Is she strong enough to wield the destiny of Jeanne d’Arc by herself? A beautifully touching story about one girl’s struggles with friendship, strength, fate and of course, love.”

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