Next Screenings Director – Part 3

Hi Again!~ Good to see that no one… has posted… on the website again… hmm. Well, on to part 3 of trying to convince you to become screenings director!

Let’s start out with something that lots of people have said to me when I ask them if they want to run: “I haven’t watched enough anime”. I’ll tell you now – you don’t need to! While a decent grounding in anime would definitely be useful, having watched a hundred series is definitely not necessary to be a screenings director. Out of the 120 anime I’ve screened this year, I have watched 58 of them – most of which are 12 episodes or less. NOW I know that sounds like a lot, but here’s the thing: Less than 20 of those I had seen before I became screenings director; and less than half of that I saw before joining the club (back in 2013).

Oh yes, I’ll admit it now! Before becoming screenings director, I was a scrub! My anime street-cred was through the floor! I hadn’t watched any anime made before 1995 (I know, hold back the urge to throw up, I’m disgusted as well). So what changed? Well, first I went to screenings! Not my own, mind you, but the ones by the screenings director before me! There I was introduced to a plethora of new shows that I had never seen or heard of  before. The ones I liked, I noted down their titles to look them up later. Those that looked promising, I watched!

Then I became screenings director (Because no one else wanted to do it) and instead of reading Manga like I usually did, I started to watch instead! One of my major changes in watching habits was following more seasonal anime – something that I hadn’t really done before that point. I felt like I should in order to be able to make recommendations to club members (Don’t worry! You don’t have to, I just have an overblown sense of duty). When I organised my screenings, I relied heavily on the other execs (I’m tempted to call them ‘senpai’, but they’d probably slap me). I also relied a whole lot on the suggestions sheet – and by extension MAL (myanimelist). Here’s a useful tidbit for a new screenings director: Do what I did – if you don’t know an anime, look it up on myanimelist! See its genres, its rating, read a couple of reviews to get a feel of it. Speaking of reviews, find an anime reviewer on youtube you can tolerate (I know, it’s hard to find one that isn’t terrible) and just have them play in the background whilst you do something else. While I certainly feel like I haven’t watched many anime, I’ve definitely read a lot about anime to have heard of many of them! This did kind of… backfire though. Because I read and listened to so much anime-related content to expand my knowledge, my “to-watch” list expanded as well… So I watched more stuff… and here we are. Be careful not to take a bite out of uni time for anime time! (I took a bite out of sleep time instead).

Where was I though… preparing a screenings without knowing many anime. A quick google search can quickly give you the sort of indication of what the show is known for, more so if it’s an image search. If this is what appears when you search up an anime, you probably want pass it by for screenings. Also remember, most anime come from manga! So just find the manga and read the first couple of chapters! Pro tip: When I make the screening posters (the collages of what I’m going to screen), it’s always done by taking screenshots of the episode I’m going to show. I never watch the whole thing, I normally just skim them. But I use that skim to double check the episode and make sure it isn’t too offensive!

If you’re still worried that you won’t be able to make a good screenings, don’t! There are these mystical things called “handover documents” that new execs receive from their old position holders (or at least they’re supposed to, I didn’t get one). As well as handy information like ‘how to book a room’, my handover document will include a list of anime that are great for screenings! Episodic anime where almost all the episodes can be watched without any context and still be enjoyable! There’ll also be a list of other anime that work well in screenings, though they may not always be episodic. I’ll also give you my spreadsheets of everything that I’ve screened and all the suggestions that have been taken and noted down! There’ll be so much information on anime, you won’t know what to do with it all! And if after ALL of that you’re still not sure, shoot me a message! I’ll be happy to help!

It’s fine to make mistakes when starting out, I’ve made plenty! Whether it was showing the 5th Gundam Unicorn movie (since it was requested) thinking it was the first one. Or that time I unknowingly showed Perfect Blue in a public area, not knowing that there was a fair bit of nudity and a pretty heavy ‘rape’ scene (I still think about that one and cringe in embarrassment). There have been a couple of other bad ones as well… But I’m better because of it, and you will be too! No one expects you to be perfect; hell, like I said last part – everyone will hate what you screen regardless! (I mean that in the nicest way possible!) So take advantage and get into a rhythm that suits you~ If you’re like me, you’ll discover anime you really love whilst being screenings director! Pro tip: When watching new series, I always kept a notepad handy to jot down episode numbers that would be good for screenings. It helps save time if you ever use that anime later!

BUT OH DEAR. It seems like I’ve gone waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over what I intended to for just the point of saying that it doesn’t matter if you don’t know many anime if you want to be screenings director! But if it has helped you at all, then great! I guess that means there’ll be a part 4…? Not unless webmaster-sama takes away my posting privileges~ Either way, AGM is fast approaching, so please put in an application if you’re interested in being screenings director! I guess next part I’ll talk about what I’m hoping for in a screenings director! Maybe I’ll take less than a fortnight to write it! WHO KNOWS!