Next Screenings Director – Part 1

As second semester, and my last semester as screenings director has begun – if feels as if it is time for this sort of post. It’s going to be long, so I’m going to split up into slightly more digestible chunks (I’m a long form writer, sadly, so summing up things in a concise way is not my specialty)

The short of it is this – an anime club needs to screen anime, and the poor person that has to put in those hours for weekly events is the screenings director (i.e. Me at the moment). However, if the last four elections have been any indication, it doesn’t seem like many people want to run for the screenings director position! So, hopefully, with this post, maybe a few of you will begin to think that you may want to run for screenings director for 2016!

In this post, I’m going to tackle one of the bad things first: being screenings director takes time. A fair whack of time. I would be lying if I didn’t say that, especially during assessment periods, running screenings is a commitment that eats into valuable assignment time. I upped the hours of screenings from 4 hours (Monday screening used to only be a single hour), to 5 hours. That excludes special events, bookings, and preparation (which I’ll get to later). For Wednesday screenings this semester, I don’t have any classes – so I actually come into uni just to run screenings – so that’s an additional 2 hours travel time in order to do Wednesday screenings! (PITY MEEEE <3)

DON’T WORRY THOUGH! It’s not actually that bad, even if I made it sound bad. While I’m quite proud of the fact that I have made it to every single weekly screening (except one I think), no matter how busy or even sick I was – YOU don’t have to dedicate all of your energy to screening! You are (not) alone, there’s a whole exec team that can help you~ If you are struggling, the other execs – while they may give you some sass – are overall nice and helpful! Whether it is picking up pizza for a screenings, helping you gather the anime you need, or even running the screenings in your stead, the exec team can help you!

And you know what’s magical about screenings? The people that come to them. While I’ll certainly get to this in greater detail when talking about the good stuff about being screenings director – you make friends with the people that come to your screenings, especially your treasured regular attendees~ And more often then not, they’ll help you too! If you need to quickly run off and do something, they’ll be fine to mind your gear and make sure nothing breaks while your gone. They’ll understand if you’re running a bit late, or you weren’t able to prepare properly.

And in 95% of the rooms that you use for screenings have computers in them, so if you need full use of your laptop, bring the screenings along on a hard drive and play it off of those (they all have VLC installed). If you just need to browse, or write up a report – laptop extended view is your friend! And remember, if the time just feels too much – you can reduce the length of screenings (Crazy I know!). I’m a stickler for tradition, so I’ve tried to keep the same time and same structure for screenings for the last two years – but you don’t have to follow the folly of the past! You don’t have to start it at 3! Have a screening earlier in the day! Reduce both screenings by an hour! You’re the director, it’s up to you!

But anyway, this first post is getting long enough already! So I’ll wrap up time here – hopefully you don’t find the time commitment of being screenings director too daunting after reading! Part 2 will be arriving… sometime!