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Next Screenings Director – Part 2

August 24, 2015, by , posted in Blog

For those who didn’t read the last post – here’s the brief: Blah blah last semester as directer, blah blah seeming lack of people applying to role blah. Blah Encouragement blah tips blah blah change your mind! — Great! Just scroll down the page to read all of part 1 (Seeing that no one seems to post here </3 ) And let’s get into it! Part 2 – more bad stuff (But why that’s okay!).

University students and anime watchers are fickle creatures, so anime-watching university students are hard to please! So let’s talk about two things: Getting these mystical creatures to come to screenings, and how you can never please them!

So, first off, you can never really get a hold of how many people will come to screenings – and it will never be a constant amount for the entire semester. In my first semester I had several screenings that were empty for the first 40 or so minutes, and many more where there was seldom more than 2 people showing up! Meanwhile, the first screening of the semester had the room literally overflowing! Then the first semester of this year (2015) had a first Monday screenings of over 49 people showing up (I counted) – and then the rest of the screenings had a constant amount of around 10-15 people. What changed? Well – First semester last year was in building 5, and first semester this year was in building 11! Even though the walk is just an extra 5-10 minutes or something (I’m a fast walker), that distance was deemed too far! So tip no.1 – try and get a screening room within the main cluster of buildings.

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Next Screenings Director – Part 1

August 10, 2015, by , posted in Blog

As second semester, and my last semester as screenings director has begun – if feels as if it is time for this sort of post. It’s going to be long, so I’m going to split up into slightly more digestible chunks (I’m a long form writer, sadly, so summing up things in a concise way is not my specialty)

The short of it is this – an anime club needs to screen anime, and the poor person that has to put in those hours for weekly events is the screenings director (i.e. Me at the moment). However, if the last four elections have been any indication, it doesn’t seem like many people want to run for the screenings director position! So, hopefully, with this post, maybe a few of you will begin to think that you may want to run for screenings director for 2016!

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