Monthly Newsletter – July 2015 Edition!

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Congrats to everyone that has conquered final exams! You all deserve a gigantic pat on the back ⊙ω⊙
The holidays are finally upon us so roam free my pretties and get ready for more fun-filled events from us, including our long awaited AnimeSydney Camp!! ٩(˙˙)۶

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Anime@UTS Art Competition
WHEN: Deadline – Wednesday 1st July 
 Submit your fan art of your favourite anime/manga or crossovers and get the chance to win some awesome Kinokuniya vouchers! Refer to the event for more specific details of the guidelines~

[AnimeSydney] Ice-Skating Round 2!
WHEN: Thursday 2nd July
WHERE: Macquarie Ice Rink (meet at Central Station at 1:40pm)
WHAT: What better way is there to break the ice before camp comes around than one last meet up? Pack your thickest, cosiest socks and come chill out with us and have an ice time – AnimeSydney is heading to the rink!
COST: $17 if you fill out this pre-order form ( OR $23 for students, $24 for adults

[AnimeSydney] Mid Year CAMP!
WHEN: Wednesday – Friday 8-10th July
WHERE: Berry Sports and Recreation Centre
WHAT: Our super successful combined AnimeSydney camp is back again for its second year!

[Anime@UTS x JASS x DC] Calligraphy Workshop
WHEN: Tuesday 21st July 2pm
WHERE: The Japan Foundation, Central Park
WHAT: Sydney based artist/illustrator Chris Yee will be running a calligraphy workshop with a touch of a 90’s manga style with our friends at JASS and DC! Check out his works here for a closer look at his art style: will be limited spots so keep an eye out for a registration form very soon!

Anime@UTS Animazing Race!
Saturday 25th July
WHERE: UTS and around the CBD
WHAT: Challenge yourself and your friends to a bunch of fun activities all around the city in our very own Animezing Race! (do you get it? Amazing, Animezing, aha…ha..ha) Of course, prizes will be awarded to the best teams so keep this day free if you want to win some cool stuff! 

Anime@UTS SMASH Stall
WHEN: Saturday and Sunday 8-9th August 
Rosehill Gardens
 The event of the year for anime fans all around Australia is happening real soon and we’ll be there again selling our merch, so come drop by our stall if you’re around and support your favourite club! Popular cosplayers and seiyuu such as Reika, Kaname and Noriaki Sugiyama will also be featured as guests this year~ time to fangirl/fanboy everyone!  ٩(^ᴗ^)۶

[AnimeSydney] Band Night
WHEN: Saturday 15th August 
 The AnimeSydney Band is back again for another killer show, so be ready to head bang to all the best anime OPs and EDs for a night of fun and music!


Sadly, weekly events are over for this semester but don’t fret – we’ll be back before you know it! (´・ω・`)

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Lost on what to read/watch? We’ve got it all figured out! Here are this month’s hot picks by our fellow club members! If you’re interested in submitting your own review on an anime, manga or fan content, send us a message via Facebook and you can have your 5 minutes of fame in our Omake section~ :3

Vivian recommends Ore Monogatari

“If you want to watch a series that is light-hearted, incredibly funny and sweet but not overly saccharine, OreMono is the one for you! The story follows the gentle giant Takeo Gouda and his childhood best friend Sunakawa as they go about their daily lives as high school freshmen. Having previously experienced zero success in the love department, Takeo’s luck turns for the better as he meets Rinko Yamato after saving her from a close encounter with a train molester. The series follows the adorable development of their love story and is sure to make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. The art style of this series is also beautifully done, as beautiful as Takeo is in all his gallant, shoujo sparkling manliness.”
Yvonne recommends Shokugeki no Souma

“Yukihira Souma runs a small family restaurant with his father. His dream is to surpass his father’s culinary skills and become a full-time chef. However, his dream is shattered when his father leaves to cook in Europe, even sending Yukihira off to an elite culinary school where supposedly only 10% of students graduate. Given a new challenge by his father, Yukihira strives to be one of the elite who graduate from this hell academy. Being a food manga, good visual aesthetics are a must and Shokugeki certainly does not disappoint. The array and fusion of Eastern and Western cuisine will certainly leave you wanting more than just a glimpse of the presentation. If you were a fan of Yakitate Japan, this will definitely be another winner. Who knows, you may even pick up a few skills here and there too!”

Joyce recommends Blood+
“Saya lives with her adopted family, knowing or remembering nothing of her past.  The only thing abnormal about her is her voracious appetite, until she meets a man named Hagi in a park, who tells her that he has been searching for her for a long time.  All of that sounds like the summary for a sappy romance story, except Blood+ (by Katsura Asuka) then reveals Saya as being a girl with amazing skills in killing monsters called Chiropterans.  If you read far enough, there’s even proper vampires that don’t sparkle in the light.  This series is based on the anime, but I’ve never watched the anime, so I can’t comment about the adaptation.  What I can comment on is that the art is detailed, and the end was personally satisfying, and the series is short enough at twenty chapters to finish in one sitting. And that vampires should never have started sparkling.”

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