Monthly Newsletter – April 2015 Edition

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April is a busy, busy month for all of us, what with mid-semester exams approaching and assignments piling up. (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`) I know how hard it is to stay focused and while I definitely encourage you to study hard, there’s always time for a break, which is why Anime@UTS have a slew of events lined up to motivate you to ace those exams! ( ˃̶ω˂̶ ) 

We have a few which are coming up really soon (KARAOKE THIS SATURDAY! :D) so please check them all out below~ and a massive good luck to everyone for your exams!!! Ganbatte ne~!

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[AnimeSydney] Orientation Event
WHEN: Saturday, 4th April 2pm
WHERE: UTS Concourse
WHAT: Our very first AnimeSydney event of 2015 as a collective pits you, our beloved comrades of Anime@UTS, against the forces of not-so-evil as the four clubs battle it out for glory! Featuring food, prizes and all sorts of crazy activities to keep you guys on your feet! :D
COST: $5pp

[AnimeSydney] Gunpla Event
WHEN: Saturday, 18th April
WHAT: Make your own mecha model with us, thanks to our awesome sponsor Hobbyco! :D More details on this event will be added to our website soon so keep a watch out for it!

Anime@UTS Special General Meeting
WHEN: Friday, 24th April 4pm
WHERE: CB02.04.23
WHAT: Whether it be joining the executive team or giving us your valuable feedback, the Special General Meeting (SGM) is an opportunity for you to have a direct influence on what goes on with the club. If you’re interested in applying for any of these positions, please fill out the following form:
COST: Free~

[AnimeSydney] Maid Cafe!
WHEN: Saturday, 9th May
WHERE: Anime@Abbotsford
WHAT: Our very first Maid Cafe ever! Yes, this means all the ✧✧kira kira fuwa fuwa✧✧ness from our hand picked group of talented maids and butlers and all of your favourite maid cafe foods will be there!! :D

[AnimeSydney] CAMP!
WHEN: 8-10th July
WHERE: Berry Sports and Recreation Centre
WHAT: Our super successful combined AnimeSydney camp is back again for its second year! Save the date if you want in on one of our biggest events of the year! :D


Monday Screenings
Time: 15:00–17:00; Location: CB11.03.206

Tuesday Manga Drawing Lessons
Time: 14:00–17:00; Location: CB07.03.010B (subject to change, please check FB group)

Wednesday Screenings
Time: 15:00–18:00; Location: CB04.03.330

Friday Game & Funs
Time: 14:00–18:30; Location: CB02.04.23

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Lost on what to read/watch? We’ve got it all figured out! Here are this month’s hot picks by our fellow club members! If you’re interested in submitting your own review on an anime, manga or fan content, send us a message via Facebook and you can have your 5 minutes of fame in our Omake section~ :3

Zikang recommends Yumekui Merry
“Yumekui Merry is an anime. You should watch this anime because it is interesting. There are action scenes and colourful characters. It is also fairly obscure so it will give you street cred in the hipster anime community. It does not have a very compelling storyline, nor any real character development. What it does have is very memorable character design and a catchy soundtrack. A definite must watch for any aspiring anime aficionados.”

Joyce recommends Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari
“Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari (by Aneko Yusagi & Aiya Kyuu) subverts the classic Fantasy Hero genre from the very first chapter.  It starts off normally enough, with the protagonist Iwatani Naofumi picking up a random fantasy book in the library that is about some game-like land with four Heroes that defend some country from demons and whatnot.  Of course, Naofumi gets sucked into the country to become one of the Heroes – the Hero of the Shield.  However, whilst the other three Heroes get everything they want and an instant fan club, Naofumi gets practically nothing and only gets one follower, who promptly betrays him.  Left with nothing except his shield, Naofumi vows to wreak havoc and revenge the ones who betrayed him, completely ignoring his role as a Hero.  The manga is incomplete and has only a small number of chapters translated, but if you like fantasy, or want humour with a bit of a twist, or just want to stare at pretty art and pretty people, then check this out!”

Isaac recommends Cleaning Levi Nendoroid
“Do you guys love Levi from Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)??I KNOW I DO! So I recently purchased a Nendoroid of his cleaning version, you know, when he’s in his “clean freak” mode! xD Like most Nendoroids, he comes with interchangeable faces, a stand and several props; a duster, a broom, a cleaning mask, and even his own window to pop out from! すごいですね~ I’m having so much fun photographing him doing chores around the house so if you guys are into Nendoroids or a fan of AoT, I seriously suggest you invest your monies into this little hard worker as he’s also limited edition. PS. I bought mine from Anime@Abbotsford as they have a huge range to choose from~ :D I know I’ll be back for more!”

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