Bad Anime Spotlight – The Cosmopolitan Prayers

I said I’ll try to post here on a weekly basis but hah! That was like a massive lie.  There are many subject matters I want to write about but frankly they’re things I don’t want associated with my username. Just seek me out in real life and I’ll talk about it. Anyway, I’ll write an opinion piece I guess.

One of my hobbies is bad anime. When I go “bad anime”, I don’t mean anime I view as subjectively bad. After all, just because I may not like the plot, over-moe, fan service, characterization and such of an anime, it doesn’t mean it’s bad.This sporadic writing piece isn’t about that.  This isn’t about the common complaint that “anime was much better in the (decade of your choice)” either. Bad Anime Spotlight will be about anime that is so bad that the majority of the internet can’t help but agree that it’s bad.

First one on the list is Cosprayers. 


What is Cosprayers?  “The Cosmopolitan Prayers” (informally called “Cosprayers”) was a 2004 anime produced by Imagin and Studio Live and directed by Takeo Takahashi. It ran for 8 episodes that lasted for 13 minutes and is part of a distantly related trilogy with Hit o Nerae! (the main character is the in-universe producer of Cosprayers) and Love Live? (the main character is the in-universe writer of Cosprayers).

A quick summary of the plot is that Koto (MC) has unwittingly sealed away Amaterasu and is stuck in a parallel world. Koto must help defeat monsters, combat evil and return the world back to it’s original state as part of a 7 man band of priestesses. It’s essentially power rangers crossed with no holds barred fanservice (obligatory tentacles included) with a healthy dose of stereotypes. Oh the hijinks! You’ve really got to admire a series that has such dedication to punnery and fun with acronyms that the alternate titles of the characters is “rayer” as in “Mikorayer”, “Sisterayer” and so forth.

I find that the OP pretty much sums up everything you need to know about this series: That is pretty much the standard of the entire series. It’s nigh incomprehensible and this show is essentially the embodiment of some of the worst features in early 2000s anime.  Cosprayers is generally agreed to be so bad that it was once a minor meme – it was mentioned as a litmus test about the quality of other anime. Even now – there are blog posts about whether Cosprayers was designed to be deliberately bad or whether it was just originally bad.