Music Monday – Blumenkranz


Blumenkranz – in german it means a wreath of flowers (ring of flowers) and that is what normal german speakers would think if they heard anyone say this word. Well if anime fas, who are watching the show Kill La Kill hears this word, they will undoubtedly think of the second best track from the OST (Original Sound Track) which bears the same name – Blumenkranz.

The soundtrack plays whenever Satsuki’s mother comes on screen to give a strong and powerful feeling that the main villain of the series deserves. I don’t know what it is with german language that gives it so much strength and power, but more and more Japanese singers seem to be incorporating words or phrases into their songs lately. But of course not only are the lyrics a bit strangely arranged (some people are even saying that they were made using google translate) but the girl who sings it is obviously not German as she can barely pronounce the words properly. To be fair, is did a lot better then Link Horizon with their Guren no Yumiya (Shingeki OP).

If you know even a bit of German, I suggest you look at the lyrics and try reading them while the song is playing to see the difference. Also here is a cover by a German singer, and this sounds so much better. Especially in the “Ja, Ich bin viel stärker, als ich je gedacht hab” part in the middle of the song. The Japanese singer completely swallows the gedacht, like it never existed, making it that much harder to sing for the German Girl.