Music Monday: Sing us a song, you’re the character

Oh hey there. Thanks for joining us. Last week we looked at OSTs, and briefly mentioned other custom-made music that is made for anime, but something I don’t often look at is Character Songs. In fact I’ve only looked at them for a few series, so if there’s one you recommend, feel free to send us a line here at UTS. Don’t be shy, send us an email if you want/need to.

There are two that I came across again recently though, and given that both of the voice actors that sang these songs have a fair degree of experience with singing, it’s more understandable as to why they’ve turned out quite good. Sometimes despite how good the singing talent of the voice actor is, if the song that was written was just not good at all (not necessarily lyrics-wise, but musically), even the voice actor’s singing talent is no saving grace.

I didn’t realise this was a character song at first when I discovered it in some long forgotten folders with a mangled song name and album information. Eventually I managed to piece together this scrambled text and track down the song though, and here goes nothing:

Kyouki no Hana is a Character song for ‘Kikyo’ from Katekyo Hitman Reborn, sung by Kazuki Kato. I don’t know what it is about the song that drew me in this time — I don’t even like the character himself, but typically people would dislike those painted as ‘villains’ (this is from the album of songs sung by the ‘rival characters’). But one doesn’t need to like the character to like their song, and often character songs strive to tell us more about the character themself. Maybe I was drawn by the seemingly utter confidence, yet calm, of the singer in this song.

The next song I actually prefer as the off-vocal, ‘You will rule the world’ sung by Daisuke Ono as ‘Sebastian Michaelis’ from Kuroshitsuji. Normally I enjoy Daisuke Ono’s songs a lot, but for some reason this one is different — perhaps I feel there should be more variation in the tones in his singing, he keeps this fairly low and even. You can always listen to the original with the vocal and let me know.

The first time I heard this off-vocal, again as a song I accidentally discovered with a mangled file name, I thought it was just another track from my OSTs and think it would do well as the soundtrack to something. Well, Kuroshitsuji does have a fair bit of action, I guess?

Finally, one I picked for the occasion.. Remember when character songs were more specifically just character theme songs? Such as one like this from that anime I’ve mentioned before! Sango’s theme from Inuyasha says as much about her as a song with words, considering her past and what she has managed to do since her life was changed by the main villain, Naraku. Of course there are such songs now still, but now with added dimension! Have a listen anyway for old times sake: