Picture It – Landscapes (from ArseniXC)

Girl by the window on a snowy day

Oh the art you can come across without even trying to find it. I came across the image above randomly the other day and was so awestruck by the colours and level of detail on the artwork that I needed to find out more about who created such a wonderful artwork and what other works they had created.

Who was it? The artist was called ArseniXC and his works did not fail to impress.

Landscaping or just land scraping?

I have to admit I have a bit of an obsession over artists that demonstrate a particular talent with landscape art. Most artists that are not bleeding amateurs like myself will have some skill with landscape art because it is what frames their entire image, the setting which their characters must inhabit and sometimes can lend to help charactise who they are depicting even better without cluttering over the character herself.

But drawing landscape art is another skill in itself. If you feel that drawing people is hard, often drawing the landscape is a step higher in terms of difficulty. Obviously the aspects to consider you would normally consider, such as perspective, shadows, light, yet the scale of it is so much grander. What makes landscape artwork gather that extra level of complexity that just drawing characters doesn’t always have?

Back to ArseniXC

ArseniXC is clearly multi-talented, and you can see the rest of his work on pixiv. Although being talented at different types of art and styles isn’t necessarily special when considering all the artists I or even you have looked at — in fact this is probably one of the more expected things these days. Regardless, his art is particularly special because he has a real knack with light, colour and how they blend together. There is nothing simple about his use of light, it is detailed to an extreme you feel as if you could spend hours just looking at it. Light, colour and detail are big things, for me.

I love the fact that in some artists’ works you can clearly see brush strokes – this makes the entire thing look like a painting. ArseniXC shows skill with this, yet similarly capable of creating artworks that shine as though they weren’t artworks at all, but almost as though they were generated/rendered or if they were photographs.

What better artwork than these to showcase the wide range of his skills? It’s almost showing off.

Cafeteria dayCafeteria night

Take a flick between the day and night versions of this illustration of what appears to be a cafeteria of some description. Whether in gloom and shadow of the night or within the light of the daytime, the colours are vibrant and varied, detail is enhanced or made more subdued and the focus is carefully selected. Either way, it’s obvious that this is the same cafeteria, but it can be seen from such different perspectives.

It really gets the imagination going as to what could be set here. And yet – this artwork would probably be too detailed for even a visual novel! Well, maybe we’ll see big things from him yet.