Music Weekday – Anime clu–er, bands.

Well, it has almost reached the end of the week, so it’s hardly a Monday, but what does it matter? We can have music any day of the week. Today I want to take a small look at anime bands. But do I mean bands in anime, or do I perhaps mean bands that have formed because of anime. Let’s take a look at the former.

Girls Dead Monster in Angel Beats, ENOZ in Suzumiya Haruhi, Egoist in Guilty Crown, Houkago Tea Time in K-ON!, Bad Luck in Gravitation and of course the little jazz band in Sakamichi no Apollon. Well, I suppose I would get injured severely if I didn’t mention BECK as well. In any case, as you can see, bands in anime are fairly common. There’s one I’ve left off that list though (amidst many others, no doubt), and you wouldn’t know of it anyway unless you read or watch SKET Dance… and of course you would then only know their songs if you also watched the anime.

The band in SKET Dance is called The Sketchbook and its members consist of the members of SKET Dance, a school club that aims to help out people in need. The story shares lots with Gintama, but that’s another story and one not related to music.

Really, there’s two real-life bands coming out of SKET Dance though. One is called SKET Rock and consists of four of the seiyuus from the series, chosen by voting by viewers (their songs are not quite my cup of tea, I’ll admit). The second is the band mentioned previously, The Sketchbook, which has taken off into a band in their own right and were formed by audition to perform the songs initially for a concert to happen in the anime, and it’s OPs and EDs, but they are still out there making their own music now. There’s something quite addictive about their music somehow… perhaps it’s their energy…

The above is one of their songs, Michi. Their music only ever involves the instruments the trio play, guitar and guitar and drums (I know, I oversimplify) along with the obvious of vocals, but they are able to move from energetic and fun songs to more gentle yet cheerful songs. The trio are well synced and clearly very talented. Their music videos usually feature some quite gorgeous visuals and….. I can’t stop staring at her legs I mean what……

Anyway, the vocalist’s voice does at some points seem a little flat in some songs to me, he surely does have a very versatile voice and the three are a great pick, especially seeing some of the different people who come to audition! (There’s a video on YouTube somewhere, I guarantee.) I do wish the other two would also sing more too sometimes though – some harmony would really make this even more magical!