Music Monday – When you’re sitting in a resturant…

While sitting in a Japanese restaurant after enjoying some katsu curry with several fellow Anime@UTS-ians this afternoon, I heard the slow and delicate plucking of a guitar and a soft, clear voice, rising and falling in a gentle and yet somehow addictive tune over their sound system. It was comforting and pleasant to listen to, and despite the slow pace of the song and what seemed like a slight melancholic note, surprisingly uplifting. Have I ever mentioned I like songs that are uplifting?

In any case, after a few tries with SoundHound, eventually all was revealed. The song was called ‘Hana’ by Kana Uemura, from the album ‘Shiawase no Hako wo Hiraku Kagi’ (aka ‘The Key to Open the Box of Happiness’). Although I was determined to listen to it again, I wasn’t able to find the song anywhere although I scoured the internet for videos (there is this streaming link I discovered), however I did find this little gem:

If I thought ‘Hana’ sounded familiar to me somehow (and I still can’t figure out why), this song stirred even more memories and I immediately thought to myself ‘Studio Ghibli!’. Yes, what is it but the theme song to Kiki’s Delivery Service.

(And of course, we’ve all heard about Hayao Miyazaki retiring from doing feature length films. Listen to the song in farewell, won’t ya? We’ll all miss this great man who brought us such spectacular films.)

Although Uemura’s voice reminds me in some ways of YUI, there are moments like in ‘Yasashisa ni tsutsumareta nara’ where her voice really stands out. It is a clear and honest sound and the guitar she uses compliments her nicely, even though she also sings to loud and fun big band style music now and then… though I can’t seem to find that song again either!

In doing all that searching though, now I think I have a second favourite song of hers, ‘Milk Tea’. I think Uemura has shown herself to be pretty versatile and I’m loving it~