Music Monday – Addictive, Old, Favourites.

We’ve all seen the Code Geass posts and references many times throughout the years this site has been up, but nonetheless of all the songs that we associate with Code Geass, who would pick out Kaidoku Funou, otherwise translated as “Impossible to Decipher”, which was the second opening theme song to Code Geass?

I have no idea why I have fond memories of this song, we first became acquainted in my HSC year when I preferred to watch anime than study (anime such as Bakemonogatari and Darker than Black, mind you – good, good times). Somehow this song became one of those tracks that I continuously played on a loop in order to force my rebellious brain into focusing on studying, rather than the however many other things it wanted to do. How? Why?

The song touched a note in me the first minute I heard it, when I’m usually the type to skip over opening theme songs unless they grab me in those first opening bars. This is the reason I know barely any Bakemonogatari theme songs and I only know the first Darker than Black opening theme song. What an impatient kid I was. Maybe I liked the pessimistic note of the song when I was in those days where parents barked down my neck to study when the impending doom that was the HSC loomed over me, but looking back on it again, there’s simply something quite addictive about that guitar opening that leads into the song.

Interestingly enough, this song doesn’t bring back bad memories now though. I still think of that wonderful opening sequence as I listen to it and try to sing along with Jinn’s lyrics. Although it seems easy, it’s actually a lot more difficult than it seems, though perhaps there’s also the fact that my voice isn’t too suited for it… It’s a testament to the song itself however, as what attracts is not the animation – as it isn’t anything particularly special (in fact almost all of the scenes used are simply reused) – but the song itself is compelling.

I’m not typically into rock music because it hurts my head, but this song is just something else for me. Do you guys have addictive old favourites too?