Music Monday – I scream, we all scream, I scream for… music?

‘Watashi ga Motenai no wa dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!’, or ‘Watamote’ for short, is one of the new series that began with the current season of anime. I think that for a lot of us otaku, this series strikes a note with us because we can relate to a lot of it even if not necessarily all of it – but certainly I don’t think this is the only series that inspires such emotions in us either.

I’m not here today to talk about the story though – that you’re supposed to understand by watching the series. That’s what it’s there for, friends! I do want to have a look at the opening theme though, which was totally unexpected for me, having approached this series knowing nothing of what it was about. The name of the song is the same as the name of the series and performed by Konomi Suzuki and Kiba of Akiba.

Although the song itself is not my cup of tea because I’m not really a fan of screamo music (your mileage may vary), in my opinion it is interestingly saved by the female singer which transforms it into more than just a screamo song. Now that I think of it though, screamo is apparently a post-hardcore-influenced subgenre of emo, and the main character of Watamote’s appearance you could say is quite reminiscent of such stereotypical images of emos, without quite engaging in the completely dark outfit.

In any case, the female singer (who I can only assume is Konomi Suzuki) has a full, clear and strong-bodied voice and I like the vocal harmonies in some sections of the song where the female and male singers sing in unison. This lends a bit more variety to the song and the use of the contrasts of periods of heavy instrumental and quieter periods is quite pleasant.

The theme song embodies the extremities of some aspects of the show and you could probably interpret it as a representation of the character’s inner turmoil and inner thoughts rather than her outward behaviour or appearance, because they are actually quite vastly different and certainly substantially different from her own mental image.

I have to say that initially this song reminded me a lot of the Mirai Nikki opening themes, but as I listened to it over again, it reminded me of them less and less as they are very distinctly different, yet both have some points of similarity such as the animation, some of the same style of singing and the same quick pace. What do you think? Or perhaps it was another series I was thinking of?