Clubs Day and No Weekly Events

Welcome to a new semester, everyone!

Clubs Day is coming up this Thursday (August 1) from 12pm until 6pm, and naturally we will be there with our stall ready to drag in more otaku friends kicking and screa–err, I mean to dance with us through the roses and the daisies – we have fun here at UTS.

We’ll be much easier to find than last semester’s Clubs’ Day, because we’ll be right near the entrance to the tower building (CB01)!

If you haven’t joined the club yet and are hoping to – this is your chance! Pop along and join us here! Why not swing by even if you are already a member of the club? If you have any friends that haven’t joined, drag them along to join us~!

Finally, a reminder that Weekly Events begin next week, that is Week 2! There are NO weekly events this week! Details for next week’s events pending another update from us. :)

Hope to see you all around this semester!