Anime@UTS at the Evangelion Art Exhibition

Sign leading to the Evangelion Art Exhibition

The Evangelion Art Exhibition is in town at the Japan Foundation, Sydney in Chifley Square from Saturday, 11th of May until Saturday, 18th of May, so how could you miss this opportunity to go visit the best exhibition ever? Or more to the point – how could we not? (Okay, I haven’t seen much of Neon Genesis Evangelion, but that’s besides The Point.)

A member or two have already covered this delightful event in a short and not really succinct blogpost, but naturally most, if not all, of the Anime clubs in Sydney would leap at the chance, and leap they did – metaphorically anyway – for the chance to see some of the original artworks and frames used to animate the series… on opening day, no less. (That’s the 11th, if you were wondering.)

The Anime Societies of Sydney, minus SuAnime

Unfortunately SuAnime escaped before we had a chance to snap this photo of all the clubs (and their members) which attended, but arguably Anime@UTS is the best club in Sydney anyway (depends who you talk to)! Have this shamefully stolen photo with its shamelessly stolen tags, without its shameful photobombing by none other than UNSW.

I’d say we appear to make up a large bulk of the attendees! Though of course there are a number of Drawing Circle friends added to our mix. No doubt some people from that Mahjong club I’ve heard about as well. Hey there.

Anime@UTS outside Evangelion Art Exhibition

Along with the original artworks in their frames, there were also the corresponding frame of the animation they resulted in, large wall scrolls of sketches of both Rei and Asuka as well as a video that shows the progression of the animation from sketches, to 3D work to 3D work with further detail to the final product, or otherwise animation without the added cel shading and final touch-up effects. Anime is quite a labour of love and yet, the original Evangelion was made on a pittance, wasn’t it?

A limited selection of Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo. merchandise was also sold at the event, I am reliably assured by the event flyer. Apparently these were only exclusively available in Japan as part of the cinema campaign for the last film, though also apparently some of them can be purchased off ebay, though obviously some are more readily available than others!

Merchandise Event Flyer

Looking for details? Visit: Exhibition closes 18th May.