Music Monday – When One InuYasha isn’t enough!

Hello again, your irritating red-gemmed anime club member here to regale you once more with a Music Monday so needlessly verbose and lacking in meaningful detail you’ll want to yell BAKA at me, then comically throw a dictionary at my face so hard you’ll make even Kyou Fujibayashi blush. Which makes no sense at all, because this Music Monday is about InuYasha.

Oh geez, here goes another retrospective

The year was 1997, or something, and I was flipping through the channels at home on a device called a television, or something. A mysterious simplex visual output device, our television was hooked up to cable both for electrical power and television stations, though I found myself flipping through the local channels for some reason, or something.

Arriving at Premier 12, a long since defunct multicultural channel in Singapore, I caught a glimpse of a green seifuku. My mother walking past me at that moment started singing the English Sailor Moon theme to me, though unbeknownst to her it was a different series entirely.

I had stumbled upon InuYasha, one of the anime classics. If you don’t know about InuYasha, one of the posters on my computer room wall should tell you all you need to know. If not, there’s always MAL. Just don’t go telling people you don’t know about InuYasha, lest you be laughed at.

But Ruby, we’ve had Inuyasha Music Mondays before!

Who said that? Are you talking to me? You don’t scare me. Before I was rudely interrupted by YOU, it is true we’ve had an InuYasha Music Monday before, written up by this person of whom I’m now rather fond!

The fact is, while absolutely brilliant, said previous post didn’t cover the specific song I most associate with the series. Watching that first episode of InuYasha growing up back home, this was the song I was first introduced to… and it’s still my favourite. Get a Grip on this!

Initially I was dismayed that the song is accompanied by a slideshow, but it provides some classic imagery of the series ^_^.