Music Monday – Turning back the clock

So reading Ruby‘s post last week made me nostalgic for older music and simpler times (wait, they were ever simple?) and unleashed a rampage of reminiscing about Inuyasha opening and closing songs on Twitter and bands-people-had-not-paid-attention-to-previously… like Do As Infinity, but ANYWAY, I’m not dragging us all the way back there today – or at least, not quite that far back.

When thinking about nostalgic old songs, for some strange reason this one has always been one of my favourite when thinking back that far (despite Inuyasha being one of my first obsessions, which I would never have admitted when I was in high school). Read on~

It was the days of high school procrastination… what better to do when you didn’t want to do homework? (Clearly not quite the model student.)

I first picked up Chrono Crusade (or Chrno Crusade) in its original manga form (in Borders whoa..) and loved the good mix of humour and seriousness, plus the art and colouring were great, the characters were attractive both in ‘character’ and in appearance, and the clothing designs – while it would make a cosplayer’s life hard – were eye-catching and ‘cool’. I even kept my favourite page of the manga on the front of my binder for a long time!

It was only much later though, that I picked up the anime to the series even after reading all about it and seeing screencaps from the anime online.

I probably listened to Tsubasa wa Pleasure Line more than Sayonara Solitaire anyday (ah the days of AMV making…), but the song is simple and effective, the voice is clear and the sounds of the violin are divine. There’s a melancholic thread to the song, and most people have stated that they’d cried to this song, but the message itself isn’t necessarily meant to be sad.

The song is supposed to be from the point of view of Rosette Christopher, one of the main female protagonists of the series. :) I always had a hard time imagining it for some reason, but I suppose it does manage to say what Rosette herself can’t quite make out in words.

Farewell, Solitaire.

(You know what? I also absolutely love Tsubasa wa Pleasure Line. It has all the uplifting features I like. Listen~)