Music Monday: Noblesse Oblige

The majority of you would recognize Supercell at first insistence. You know about all the popular Japanese anime singers and could probably rattle off the names of Seriyu. You may even be into Jpop and Kpop and what not.

I’m not. I don’t even pay attention to anime theme songs and endings. Let us all sip tea in the ensuring awkwardness.

If you attended Monday screenings in the Autumn 2012 semester, you might recognize this song. It’s a rare birdy – an actual western song used as an anime theme song.

It’s ‘Falling Down’ by Oasis and it was used as the theme song for ‘Eden of the East’.

Western songs are quite rare in anime. It can be rather inaccessible to the target market and there’s a horrible area of law known as intellectual property rights and copyrights. This area of law can tangle things up so crazily that when Funimation licensed Eden of the East, they used an alternative theme song instead.

The alternative theme song isn’t that great in my opinion.  That’s the politest opinion I choose to express pertaining to it.  Let’s talk about Oasis instead.

Oasis is a English rock band notorious for ‘Wonderwall’ (not a bad song, just over played), several good albums and the horrendous feud between the Gallagher brothers. Oasis’s popularity is not undeserved. Their sound served as and continues to be an inspiration for many bands.

So when Oasis’s song was used as a theme song, I was extremely pleasantly surprised. I was just expecting a generic cheerful anime theme when the utter opposite flared at me. In my opinion the song matches the opening well and flows much better in comparison to their new opening.