Music Monday – Are you derp enough?

Well, since it’s nearing the end of the semester and since everyone’s in crunchtime studying mode, we might as well review what we’ve learnt so far in our exciting misadventures through our prolonged study of post-contemporary Japanese audiovisual culture.

The quiz will consist of short answer and multiple choice questions.  Post your answers below! This will be 80% of your total grade, so please, try your best.

Question 1. (10 marks)

Comprehensively list all the differences in this altered K-On opening, compared to the original.

Question 2. (3 marks)

What colour is Keitarou’s shirt in Love Hina when Narusegawa hits him out of the park for a homerun for the first time?

Question 3. (4 marks)

This question is in two parts.

a) In the etymology of high-Saiyan fashion circles, what is the correct term for Goku’s magnificently stiff and upstanding hairstyle?

b) What’s the name of Goku’s hairdresser who artfully sculpts the Z-fighters’ luscious mullets every morning, and what is the name of the barbershop in which he has kept running through multiple apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic destruction on 42nd Avenue? (Not his franchise branch on the 9th Street, of course).

Question 4. (10 marks)

Does Spike die at the end of Cowboy Bebop?

a) Yes.
b) Yes.
c) Yes.
d) Yes.

Question 5. (0 marks)

Seriously though. Does Spike ACTUALLY die at the end of Cowboy Bebop?

a)  No, he lives on and has happy space adventures with everyone!
b) No, because there was a movie afterwards, so that counts, right?
c) Well, in the director’s original screenplay notes, he actually wanted Spike to fake his death, change careers, travel to a different solar system and start a new life under the name of Kamina (named after the director’s childhood dog). It’s only after becoming the guerilla leader of a fascist neo-human revolutionary movement that he actually gets killed. (But not really.)

Question 6. (10 marks)

What was the name of the Tokyo mangaka, who first penned the original concepts of  what would eventually become today’s “Adventure Time”,  in bi-monthly submissions to the Bessatsu Shounen Magazine from 1964 to 1972?

Question 6. (20 marks)

Can someone please explain to me, in the simplest of terms, what the hell happened at the end of End of Evangelion?

Bonus Question. (2 marks)

Upon watching 6 hours of the following loop, just after passing through the Gate of Inner Light and just before ascending to the seventh astral plane of consciousness, what life-changing conclusion did you come to in regards to the delicious bubblegum pinkness of Fukiretta Kasane-chan’s hair?