It’s ArtJam time again!!!!

The exams are over AT LAST! It’s time to celebrate, and what better way to kick start the break by chilling with us at ArtJam! Destress, rage about your exams, shred your notes, flip a table, BURN YOUR TEXTBOOK (just not on UTS property). Mahjong! Play cards! Board games! Work on badge designs! Prepare for SMASH!! Noms on sandwiches! Get creative and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

From our first ArtJam this year!


As usual, we’ll have our incredibly long roll of paper for everyone to unleash and show off their artistic side. Oh, we can’t forget the jam. We can never forget the jam. Just don’t paint with the jam, we don’t want ants everywhere.

Onwards with the details!!

Location:  CM05.02.54 (aka Haymarket Building 5, level 2, room 54)

Time: 11am – 6pm

Date: Saturday, June 30

More info here on our Facebook Event page!