Music Monday – Cutting and Stiching Something Up

Work, music, life, music, sleep, work, sleep…less. With a brain that is burned out and frozen in thought I am here for your entertainment. Simple explanation has no place here… but sadly this intro can only be so long (wall of text is always off putting, but I have not learned my lesson). So please, listen to something that will hopefully take you back, and not make me the only one who knows the song Gekkouka by Janne Da Arc. It’s an OP for Black Jack… You should know what it is… Hopefully… Geez starting to feel old again… D:

Ok, my brain is now working at 25% normal work capacity and I have defrosted… slightly. Lets jabber.

Being locked up for a little while (work work… work complete?) I have had plenty of time to listen to music… and now I can’t stand listening to any song in my current music library -le sigh-. Dying to hear something ‘different’, I again went into the depths of my hard drive and stumbled upon a folder named ‘Purged Music 2008’ folder (not suss). One can wonder why a folder labelled ‘purged’ still exists on my computer, but I can safely say that it is mostly filled with songs once loved… but eventually fell out of my good graces due to over-listening (too much of a good thing). Anyway… Anime! Opinion!

Black Jack is just your run-of-the-mill doctor… ok, maybe just ordinary in the way he charges copious sums for his services (think tens of millions of yen). Ghastly, unlicensed, and armed with a moral code both unbiased and testing (oh and scalpels – weapons of any medical practitioner), Black Jack operates on the body and mind, examining humanity, ethics, and judgment. As per usual with Osamu Tezuka’s works, Black Jack is often confronting and will challenge the reader/viewer at every twist and turn.

The adventures of Black Jack range from the trivial to the unusual, taking place all over the world, with people (and sometimes animals) from every walk of life. Each chapter or episode plays out with a fairly predictable pattern and pace, but almost always is the outcome unforeseen. More often than not, Black Jack presents the viewer with a colourful selection of stock characters that Osamu uses in most of his series, some of them good, some bad, but they always change from story to story.

I’m a fan of Black Jack through and through, but sadly with the passing of Osamu most of the new material will never quiet be the same, so I treasure and respect the classic manga that he gave the world, all the while seeing and how the anime ultimately stands up.

Ahh, I feel much better now -stretchhhhh- I think now I might be to finally take Gekkouka out of the ‘purge’ folder now :D