Badge Design Competition

Feeling creative? Want to contribute and give something back to the club?

Anime@UTS is looking for designs for badges to be sold at SMASH! 2012! They can feature anything – from fanart to original art, quotes, pictures and memes. Whatever you think that others would find interesting!

Just remember: whatever you submit to us, no matter who has influenced it, has it to be your own creation, and not directly copied from official sources. (If you’re making fanart by redrawing something from official art, this is fine as long as it’s not traced. Try to give it your own flair!)

If your badge design is chosen, your badge will help the club financially (fund events, new merchandise ideas, etc) and there will be various prizes for best designs. Plus we’d be happy to promote you at our stall at SMASH!  if you also do art professionally. :)

Full Conditions:

Note: It should be noted that designs should be made with the expectation that they may also be used for small badges. This means you should be aware that any extremely detailed images may be difficult to make into smaller badges (you can still submit them as 2.5 inch).


There will be 5 prizes for 5 winners:

Grand Prize (1st and 2nd): Anime at Abbotsford vouchers

Minor Prize (3rd, 4th and 5th): A range of prizes.

Template: To use the templates, use the circle overlay layer to see what part of your image will be in the badge area. Alternatively, submit an image that has width and height of 1 inch/2.5 inches. Please delete the current background image in the template to make the file size smaller when sending.

1 inch template (small badges)

2.5 inch template (large badges)

Any questions, email us at!

Happy designing!