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Analyse This: A Generalized Timeline of the History of Anime and Manga (Part One)

May 30, 2012, by , posted in Features, History


This is a post on the history of manga with mentions of anime. This is just a series of observations about the history, the similarities, trends and the way anime and manga has changed over the years. I would just like to state firstly in no way, with my limited resources, inability to read Japanese and blatant preference for manga, should this be thought of as a conclusive history. There will be gaps, factual mistakes, and spelling errors which if spotted, should be commented upon.

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Music Monday – There’s Music Everywhere

May 28, 2012, by , posted in Features, Music

If you’ve been following any of my past posts, you might have noted that I’m into tracks that seem particularly uplifting or energetic, so it makes sense that today is really no different. In a way, these speaks passion to me in the way I am most familiar with, which is something I can understand and have a deep respect for. That isn’t to say that slower, more intense songs are less passionate, just that they show it in different ways.

I didn’t anticipate that the song which I really wanted to share today would be so difficult to find, so ultimately I went with an alternative (some of you may have seen this coming…)

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Music Monday – When School Food isn’t a Punishment!

May 21, 2012, by , posted in Music

A favourite of the Monday Chibi screenings this semester, Eden of the East has had me scratching my head and reaching for my flowcharting application to try and figure out the complex plot! It also makes me regret moving to smartphones as a kid and missing out on flip phone fun, but that’s beside the point. One thing you don’t need to hurt your brain to get into though is the music from the series, and School Food Punishment have some epic stuff!

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Badge Design Competition

May 14, 2012, by , posted in Art, Events

Feeling creative? Want to contribute and give something back to the club?

Anime@UTS is looking for designs for badges to be sold at SMASH! 2012! They can feature anything – from fanart to original art, quotes, pictures and memes. Whatever you think that others would find interesting!

Just remember: whatever you submit to us, no matter who has influenced it, has it to be your own creation, and not directly copied from official sources. (If you’re making fanart by redrawing something from official art, this is fine as long as it’s not traced. Try to give it your own flair!)

If your badge design is chosen, your badge will help the club financially (fund events, new merchandise ideas, etc) and there will be various prizes for best designs. Plus we’d be happy to promote you at our stall at SMASH!  if you also do art professionally. :)

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Music Monday – Cutting and Stiching Something Up

, by , posted in Features, Music

Work, music, life, music, sleep, work, sleep…less. With a brain that is burned out and frozen in thought I am here for your entertainment. Simple explanation has no place here… but sadly this intro can only be so long (wall of text is always off putting, but I have not learned my lesson). So please, listen to something that will hopefully take you back, and not make me the only one who knows the song Gekkouka by Janne Da Arc. It’s an OP for Black Jack… You should know what it is… Hopefully… Geez starting to feel old again… D:

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