Music Monday – Take a dive in.

Getting right down to business..

After a lot of searching for songs on Youtube and scrapping because of a lack of videos, today’s Music Monday song is Thermae Roman by Chatmonchy, which you may or may not have seen if you attended the supposed shounen-ai/yaoi themed screening back in the first half of the semester.

Although the series (is not really shounen-ai) is short and overall most people would consider it quite odd, it is first of all an interesting insight; particularly for peoples overseas like most of us who (just like the main character Lucius) would not know much or at all about Japanese bathing or hot springs customs. Mixed with simple but clean animation and flowing with a warm humour, it is a quick and entertaining watch.

In any case, this song is probably the strangest of the ones which Chatmonchy, or possibly anyone, has done as it is about bathing and showering of all things; but showcases their skills well. It works great with the animation and is catchy and upbeat.

The PV above is amusing and worth watching if you have the time, though quite different from the mini-series.