Picture It – There’s a Monday feeling to this post.

Some of us who either follow recent anime seasons or the ever-growing world that is Vocaloid (particularly supercell’s works) may be familiar with this artist today, having either directly or indirectly sampled his work from either of these mediums. He has drawn official and album cover art for supercell singles, done the original character and setting design and official art for the world of Guilty Crown and designed and drawn for novels and visual novels. His style is eye-catching, vibrant, interesting and distinctive, and he is known as redjuice.

The works above are official pieces for supercell’s ‘World is Mine’ PV, featured below. The artworks capture nicely the character of the song in an extremely enchanting and appealing way, one dark, one light, but together bringing out both a Princess-like, demanding side and yet also a sweet and expectant side to the song and Miku’s character in it.

(Suddenly this art-post has a ‘Music Monday’ feel to it)

And below, one of his drawings for Guilty Crown which you can see from Guilty Crown’s ED, Departures.

Redjuice has also done a heap of other designs for Guilty Crown, including the background design and if you ever have time to check it out, do so because they are stunning to look at. :) Nothing too philosophical today, just a dose of pretty art, and more of that cityscape goodness if you’re into that.

Of course that means redjuice artworks are usually accompanied by an interesting and intricate background which looks utterly complex but in truth, may not be as complex as it seems.