Final Orientation Event – (O)hhh K+E+I… We mean Karaoke!

It has been a good run, but now we are reaching the last of our orientation events. But that won’t stop us (or me for that matter) going out with a bang of passionate, soul melting karaoke!

A graphic representation of karaoke~

Prepare yourself, for what can be considered the most intense( and insane…) event we have at Anime@UTS – K+E+I (Karaoke + Eat-out + Ice-cream).

Thrash out a tune – whatever the language may be – Jap, Eng, or anything in between. Have a great time or look like an idiot doing it (you know what I’ll be doing – all of the above, yes please!~).

Then we rest… and devour food, as we hang out and eat our fill at one of the many, many place to dine in the city.

Finally, we cool off… with ice cream towers? No, you have not read wrong. There will be ice cream after dinner, and there will be too much.

So come along and complete your initiation into Anime@UTS~ (mad: bad Alex bad! *Hits Alex again*)

Oh, and there is a Karaoke Lyric Book (if you have not heard) which can be used for all those pesky Japanese songs (the lyrics will be in romaji). Just follow the link:

~Details, Details, Details

– Location: Mizuya – 614 George Street, Down Stairs

If you don’t know how to get to Mizuya – Meet Alex TWG (Tall White Guy) who will be at the Town Hall steps with Anime@UTS signage from 1:45pm – Please be on time.

-Time: Mizuya @ 2pm / Post Dinner + Ice Cream @ 5pm (for those who can’t make karaoke)


Phone Number – 0416250844

Alex – Anime@UTS President

-Gender: Unknown
-Relationship Status: Trapped – Triangle with Alice and Lexi
-Previous Work: Furry Activist
-Activities: Raging

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