Music Monday – OMG! (sorta) Recent stuff!

How the holidays pass so fast… sometimes I think to myself ‘it would be so awesome if I was the God of Time and Space’, I could extend holidays, make a fortune from gambling, and redo tests (…actually that last one would be hell). However, as we all know, the only way to actually become such a being is to bet your life and cellphone in a survival game, where contestants play for the amusement of one bored God. Hey, I’m up for it. So please, if you are interest in signing up take a look at our information video, the 2nd OP to Mirai NikkiDead END by Faylan.

-Music stuff goes here- Moving on… ok, if I must. I actually don’t really care for the op all that much, but just prefer it rather than the 1st OP, Kuso Mesorogiwi by Yousei Teikoku, but either way they are both pretty typical openings for this day and age. One thing that I did notice, or more specifically annoyed me (as did other people), is that there is a bit of footage reuse from the 1st OP, which I find a bit lazy as it does not really enhance the OP sequence in anyway other than dragging you backwards rather than forwards. I understand that style should be uniform in most cases, but repetition is something that should be used carefully.

Anyway, back to less rage worthy matters. Mirai Nikki has easily become recognised as a quality manga/anime deserving of some recognition – heck, if I’m talking about it it should be held in high regard (I swear I’m not running out of stuff to write about). It provides everything a person might want in a series with some decent characters, a plot that is genuinely interesting, and actions scenes that are not only entertaining but also push the series along while making sure they don’t just act as eye candy. Funny thing is, for once I can back this up, since I have finished the manga and am up-to-date with the anime series (astonishing, I know).

But (there is always a ‘but’), having seen the whole thing (in different formats no less) I have well and truly seen the good, the bad, and the wtf that the series has to offer. Sooo (cracks knuckles) let’s have a little fun with this kekeke~

I’ve always had a thing against stories that deal with ‘Time and Space’, mainly because they make you feel like a bit of an idiot with the plot twists – all the pieces are in front of you, you just need to piece them together… or just keep on reading/watching till the key detail is revealed, be it smart or really, really stupid. Mirai Nikki was actually pretty good with this, with there only being one or two instances of ‘time twists’ and ‘world rewrites’… and then came the final few chapters (or to be episodes), which nearly made me throw my computer our a window (we all know I don’t have the guts for that). But in retrospect it is above passable in comparison to the many failed attempts by people who try utilise such a delicate plot element.

On a bit of a separate note – there appears to be an increasing amount of heavily guro anime releases, such as Mirai Nikki, Another, and Blood-C (which ended late last year). Not that I really mind, just find it a bit interesting the trends, with there previously being light-action, slice-of-life, and now a darker era of anime. Talking to myself again fufufu.

Back to where I was… I am quite satisfied with what Mirai Nikki had to offer, mainly since I got me, Mr. Impossible Standards, to actually sit down and watch (not just read). So on that note (of course not a musical one), try it out, I DO recommend and I hope you develop a liking to that creepy obsessive stare that will forever be burned into your mind… if you have no idea what I mean, all more reason to watch the first ep to start~~~