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February 27, 2012, by , posted in Events

I thought I’d make a short post about screenings. I’m known as mad, and I’ll be running the screenings this semester. Just in case you forgot when and where screenings are;

Chibi (Mini) Screening – Mondays, CB02.06.44, 1 – 2pm
Main Screening – Fridays, CB02.06.35, 3 – 6pm

(A reminder that there are NO screenings this week, they begin next week.)

From what I heard at the meet and greet the other day, there seems to me a wide variety of tastes amongst you all, which is to be expected from such a large group.
Naturally I have my own preferences, but unfortunately in my position this may mean I will be biased towards certain types of shows and genres when chosing things to show at screenings. This is where you come in.

If you have any requests or suggestions with regards to what I show at screenings, I would be interested in hearing them. See something you liked and want to see more of? Just want to rewatch FLCL? Have something you’ve seen and think others will enjoy? Concerned that I’ve been neglecting BL at screenings? Sick of my slow boring shows with too much dialogue? Feel free to tell me.

In this way I hope that I can make screenings more enjoyable, more varied with more of the type of things you want to see, in addition to promoting more interaction within the club. Also I’m running out of ideas and that way it’s less work for me.

I’ll be there on Fridays, so you can approach me then if you have any comments or suggestions. My number is 0413 48 98 68.

If that’s too socially awkward for you I’ve got a Twitter if you’re into that sorta thing.

Music Monday – OMG! (sorta) Recent stuff!

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How the holidays pass so fast… sometimes I think to myself ‘it would be so awesome if I was the God of Time and Space’, I could extend holidays, make a fortune from gambling, and redo tests (…actually that last one would be hell). However, as we all know, the only way to actually become such a being is to bet your life and cellphone in a survival game, where contestants play for the amusement of one bored God. Hey, I’m up for it. So please, if you are interest in signing up take a look at our information video, the 2nd OP to Mirai NikkiDead END by Faylan.

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Tsu’s Papercraft Corner – HMC WIP pictures and Recommendations

February 26, 2012, by , posted in Art, Events

Howl’s Moving Castle construction photos Day 1 => Day 3

Before our next ArtJam here are some jap/anime recommendations of papercrafts that you guys can print and build on the day. These would be ranging from easy to super difficult. e.g NYAN CAT

Click me for moving Nyan Cat files~!

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Anime@UTS – ArtJam

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As uni approaches with dazzling speed (tomorrow as of writing this) all looks a little bleak and boring… Then out of nowhere comes ArtJam, Anime@UTS’s art event, to save your sanity and giving you a good reason to get through the first week.

It doubles as slave labour~

The second of our O-Events, ArtJam, is more than meets the eye… actually, it is pretty straight forward. Come join us and do something artistic, be it drawing, painting, prepping cosplay, papercraft, mecha building, or digital art, get involved and show it off to the rest of the club. Then comes the Jamm’n – hang out and play games… and eat jam filled sandwiches.

Details, Details, Details

– Location: CB02.07.06 aka UTS Building 2, level 7, room 6
– Time: 11am start – show up when you want to, how you want to
– Free Stuff?: You never know~ :p

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Tsu’s Papercraft Corner – Giveaway and recommendations

February 23, 2012, by , posted in Art, Events, News

Hello new members (and old who visited the stall yesterday)! I hope that UTS Oday treated you all well.

As you can see from the title this post involves a giveaway. Those who visited the stall yesterday should have notice this …:

Yes, I am giving away my Howl’s Moving Castle.

By just showing up on Saturday at our Meet and Greet event this Saturday (25 Feb)  someunfortunate soulone will take this castle home. It is currently under maintenance with spot glue checks but here are a few facts about it:


So look forward to it :)

Also, before our next ArtJam here are some jap/anime recommendations of papercrafts that you guys can print and build on the day. These would be ranging from easy to super difficult.