~Welcome to Anime@UTS~ ^o^/

This could be you! Get animated!

So I hear people watch this thing called anime and read things called manga… Well… so do we!

Just in case you cannot see our name because of the awesomeness of our banners or epic post title – We are Anime@UTS – the best source of anime at UTS (kekekekeke) But really, we are a UTS society dedicated to displaying and celebrating all (if not most) things found in Asian pop culture – with a particular focus on Japan and anime. To us it is a way of life~

Ok, so right now you must be thinking – “That’s all great and good, but really happens at Anime@UTS?”. Well actually do much more than watch anime and sit around reading manga. These are just to name a few (a very, very few)…

Screen anime? – Hellz yeah!
Live action dramas? – Japanese, Korean, and Everything in-between!
Cosplay? – Someone say club cosplay?
Video and board games? – Try and stop us!
Art and model kits? – Mini mecha wars!
Karaoke? – We sing and scream our lungs out!
Chill and hang out? – You have come to the right place!
Eat out? – Do we ever!
Conventions? – Guard our stall by morning, plunder others by mid-morning!
Random Events? – There will be events, and they will be random!

Doesn’t matter if you are fresh from the terrors of the HSC, have been crawling around uni for the last few years, or have just discovered anime – come contact us or find us when the uni year starts up!

Got a question? – Send an email to our President or find him on IRC:

Alex (“MeePo” on IRC) – president@utsanime.net

Facebook: @utsanime
Get on IRC: #anime@UTS – Never used IRC ? Use our one! Find it under the IRC tab