Mujiks Mundaiz

Heya Guys, Itsa J0kk here. Anyway time to get down to thaaa business. It’s that time of semester again. Yes, yes indeed. It is EXAM season. As this was the case, it started me thinking on the music that people play during their study sessions. I remember the amount of random music that i used to listen to and the large amount of foreign musix that i have accumulated. Anyway, I’m sure that every one is stressing about this time. So i thought this song would help people out with that isssssssue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. GOOOOD LUCK ON YOUR EXAMS. ALSO NOTE EVENTS ARE OFFICIALLY NOT RUNNING. Although people may still be hanging out at those same places at those times……. Yeah basically officially events aren’t on but people may turn up anyway….

P.P.S……. I forgot what I was gonna say…