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Music Monday digivolve to… MegaMusicMonday…Mon

November 27, 2011, by , posted in Features, Music

Hi. Hello. Hey. Recently, I made a major archeological discovery, uncovering my old digivice… well that’s not true, I found my digimon digital pet, and no, I don’t mean those hip new ones. With a tear in my eye I found myself transported to the digital world… and by that I mean, jumped on my couch and proceeded to re-watch Digimon Adventure.

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Music Monday

November 20, 2011, by , posted in Features

Hmm, it’s been a while since I have done one of these here. I have to admit this time around I had some difficulty in choosing a song. At first it was going to be Tegami Bachi’s first opening, Hajimari no Hi. Then I changed my mind to Tiger & Bunny’s second opening, Missing Link. Not feeling completely happy with my choice, I once again changed my mind, and decided on this.

Space Battleship Yamato, by Isao Sasaki! In my opinion one of the greatest and catchiest openings around. Not only that, but unlike the opening and ending themes these days, the lyrics actually relate to the story, which I find very appealing.

I decided to write about Space Battleship Yamato ever since hearing there was going to be a new series in 2012, which I’m getting excited about. I actually have never seen the original series – not even my older brothers were born when the anime aired – and I didn’t get interested until hearing about the 2010 live action film. But there is something about the opening, and about the story, that I can’t help but feel attracted to. Maybe I’m just crazy and I’m the only who feels like that, heh. Or maybe Space Battleship Yamato is just that great. :’)

Music Monday – Sample that music!

November 13, 2011, by , posted in Features, Music

Looking back at my previous contributions to Music Monday, I come to realise that my choices barely reflect my own taste in music. Yeah, sure they are appropriate for what I might want to talk about, but I never really listen to what I show for this segment. Time to change that.

Delving into my music folder, which is somehow named ‘New V4 Final Music Copy’, I come across something that I actually listen to and instantly think “hellz yeaha”.

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Free Korean Animated Films Screening

November 12, 2011, by , posted in News

Having withdrawal symptoms from weekly screenings? Need an escape from the stressful exam period? The Korean Cultural Office Australia are running FREE movie screenings on Thursday nights with animated features this & next week.

‘Animated Adventures’ is a special animated film series hosted by the Korean Cultural Office Australia as part of the weekly film event Cinema On The Park. This November 17th, join us for a screening of the critically acclaimed Korean animated feature ‘MY BEAUTIFUL GIRL, MARI’, a film about childhood and escapism likened to the works of Hayao Miyazaki (think ‘My Neighbour Totoro’). The film will be presented by Deborah Szapiro, Co-Director of the UTS Sydney International Animation Festival, and will be a great opportunity for those interested in film and animation to have any questions answered, or learn more about animation.

FREE event. Film starts at 6:30PM. Q&A with Deborah Szapiro to follow the screening. There will be some nibbles!

November 24th, come back for the final film of the series: ‘Life is Cool’, Korea’s first rotoscoped animation feature film, and an overall great comedy and drama.

For more information, visit

Mujiks Mundaiz

November 7, 2011, by , posted in Music

Heya Guys, Itsa J0kk here. Anyway time to get down to thaaa business. It’s that time of semester again. Yes, yes indeed. It is EXAM season. As this was the case, it started me thinking on the music that people play during their study sessions. I remember the amount of random music that i used to listen to and the large amount of foreign musix that i have accumulated. Anyway, I’m sure that every one is stressing about this time. So i thought this song would help people out with that isssssssue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. GOOOOD LUCK ON YOUR EXAMS. ALSO NOTE EVENTS ARE OFFICIALLY NOT RUNNING. Although people may still be hanging out at those same places at those times……. Yeah basically officially events aren’t on but people may turn up anyway….

P.P.S……. I forgot what I was gonna say…